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10 Interesting Facts About Blackjack

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Everything you didn't realize you wanted to know about Blackjack 

Blackjack is the second most popular game played in online casinos. It is only beaten by Poker. However, many of us don't know very much about the game. 

Many of us don't know that the game wasn't originally called Blackjack. Or that the game may be older than playing cards themselves? Or that a special combination of cards would win you a large jackpot. 

In this article, we are going to share with you 10 of the most interesting facts about the card game Blackjack. 

1 - The Romans might have invented it 

It is believed that the Romans used to play Blackjack

The Romans were around long before cards were invented. But there are writings that refer to the game. The Romans supposedly played the game using small wooden tiles with numbers painted on them. 

The basic rules of the game were quite similar. The game then later resurfaced in 16th century France. 


2 - It used to be called 21 

Blackjack was popularized in France in the 17th century. There they called the game vingt-et-un (21). When the game found its way to America they used the English translation of its name. 


3 - 11 is the third best hand in Blackjack 

We all know that 21 and 20 are the two best hands in Poker and are hard to beat. But 11 is actually the third best hand in the game. 

The highest value card you can get is a 10, which means that when you take a third card on 11 you can't go bust and you have a chance of getting a Blackjack. If you get an Ace after an 11, then you should make it a 1 rather than 11.  


4 - Blackjack is referenced in Don Quixote 

We know that Blackjack was popular in France during the 17th century, partly thanks to the seminal piece of French literature Don Quixote. Cervantes makes several references to the game in his epic. 


5 - Blackjack was loved by Kings and Revolutionaries alike 

One really interesting historical overlap is that King Louis XV (of France) and revolutionary king-killer Napoleon Bonaparte both loved the game. 

Louis XV was famous for making outrageous bets on games of Blackjack, we don't know how many he won though. 

Bonaparte was known to play the game with his friends and generals after victory in battle at the end of the day. However, Napoleon did not like his soldiers to gamble. He thought it would prevent them from concentrating on their battles and that it would cause descent in the camps. 


7 - There is a Blackjack hall of fame 

There is a Blackjack hall of fame and it can be found in Barona Resort and Casino, San Diego, California. 

This hall of fame celebrates both the rich history of the game but also some of its greatest games and players. 

Inductees are allowed to stay at the hotel there for free - but they are all banned from the Casino tables. 


8 - Blackjack and card counting have a fraught history 

Card counting is technically not illegal, and it works really well in a Blackjack game.  There are many people who have cheated casinos out of thousands of dollars thanks to counting cards. 

This is not possible anymore. Casinos will now hand out lifetime bans to people who card count. There is also a database of card counters that casinos have access to all over the world. They have cameras set up to help them catch card counters too. 


9 - Celebrity Blackjack players 

Blackjack is not as glamorous or as popular as Poker, but there are still some high profile Blackjack lovers. 

Everyone knows that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon love the game - but did you know that Jay Z and 50 Cent are also Blackjack lovers? 


10 - A certain combination of cards will win you a jackpot 

We told you earlier that Blackjack used to be called 21. But, why did American casinos change the name of the game? 

Well, they thought they could make the game more exciting by introducing a new jackpot. If you play an Ace of Spades with either of the black Jacks then you will win a bonus sum of cash. 



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