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All That You Need To Know About Sleep And Medical Marijuana

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Sleep is one of the vital physiological needs of any human being, yet so many people are known to struggle to get enough sleep. Statistics show that more than 35 percent of adults in the United States of America fail to get even seven hours of sleep consistently. And about 10 to 30 percent of adult individuals have reported about suffering from chronic insomnia.

Sadly, a lot of people are often found to underestimate the importance of sufficient sleep. What they fail to realize is that lack of proper sleep can trigger various other health problems, and impact their normal lives. Apart from feeling good the next morning when we wake up, sleep is essential for the normal functioning of our body, managing weight, and even for keeping our immune system up and running optimally. Over-the-counter medicines often come with various side effects; the long-term results include worsened mental state and anxiety. You can learn more here.

This is one of the main reasons, more and more people are showing a greater preference towards medical marijuana for its natural goodness.

How does medicinal marijuana help?

Yes, marijuana or cannabis has been used for centuries because of its relaxing effect. Many people have found it quite efficient in the case of sleep disorders. Many studies suggest that cannabis does help people in falling asleep without any problem. It also helps them sleep peacefully for long hours each night. Cannabis has over 100 naturally occurring substances present in it; they are called cannabidiols, and out of these, three of the most potent substances are THC, CBD, and CBN.

THC is a psychoactive substance that gets one high. It has immense anti-nausea and pain relief potential. THC also helps as an effective sedative and helps people sleep well. THC reduces REM sleep so, one dreams less. It supports tranquility, and people who are prone to nightmares get relieved to a great extent.

CBD doesn’t get people high; instead, it has potent relaxing properties. So, it has been widely used in managing anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues. CBD keeps one alert and reduces daytime sleepiness.

CBN is lesser-known than THC and CBD. However, it has very potent sedative properties. CBN combined with THC has shown effective results in reducing pain, inflammation, and suppressing appetite.

Cannabis also contains terpenes, which are present in some other plants. Certain terpenes have been found to help in promoting good sleep. They include Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Terpineol, Limonene, and Linalool.


How to make the most of using medical cannabis for sleep?

Here are a few tips -

  • Timing is critical, and if the consumption of marijuana is through edibles, it becomes even more critical. Edibles take longer to show their effect compared to smoking or vaping. However, once the feel starts to show itself, it stays considerably longer. On average, edibles take around 1.5 to 2 hours to start kicking in. They can keep a person asleep for 8 to 10 hours. So, planning when to eat the edibles is vital, or a person may stay up late and then wake up late.


  • The strain of cannabis you are buying is also vital. More people tend to buy Indica strains over Sativa strains. Studies show that one of the strains can make a person sleepy, and the same one can make another excited. It is better to check for the chemical composition of what one takes. Nowadays, many manufacturers provide detailed information on the chemical build that helps, and rather than depending on a particular strain depending on this information is beneficial.


  • It is advisable to experiment with different cannabis products to find the most suitable one for one's needs. For some, CBD can even be beneficial as a sleep-promoting agent, though mostly it is THC that supports sound sleep.


To improve sleep, one should avoid watching TV or mobile screens before sleeping, reduce the amount of caffeine they consume, avoid daytime naps, reduce alcohol intake, and try to stick to a fixed bedtime. Lastly, if someone is consuming some prescription drugs, they should consult their doctor before consuming any marijuana product.



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