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Curious Facts And Rules For Playing Blackjack Online CASINO

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Blackjack online Card games have been very intriguing since their creation. With the casinos’ expansion in the net, you can now enjoy playing Blackjack online along with many other card games from the comfort of your home. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Blackjack is a good choice for every beginner who is making his first steps into the gambler’s world. The rules are simple and the blackjack tables can be found easily in every land-based or online casino sites.

Where Does Blackjack Come From?

The exact origin of the Blackjack card game is unknown. Many believe that it comes from Spain or France. There are writings from a Spanish author from the beginning of the 17th century, where it was called Twenty-One. The rules were simple: the player had to reach 21 points without exceeding that number and the Ace can be counted as 1 or 11.

Later, the Americans tried to popularize the game by offering a bonus if your hand consists of an Ace and black Jack - either of clubs or spades. That combination was called “Blackjack” and from that moment on everyone started using that name even after the dealers stopped paying out bonuses.  



The Blackjack game is now part of each casino’s library, like bet365 for example. All gamblers on the table are playing against the croupier. Each one is first receiving two open cards and the dealer - one open and one hidden. From this moment players have a couple of options:

  • Hit - to ask and receive a new card from the dealer;
  • Stand - not to receive any additional card;
  • Split - if the first 2 cards are with the same value you can ask them to be divided into separate hands. New cards will be received from the croupier and an additional bet is required. 
  • Double down - you can increase the bet with 100% but can receive only 1 additional card
  • Surrender - if the casino is offering that option, you can surrender but only at the beginning as a first decision. In that case, the dealer takes half of the bet and the rest is returned. 

The outcomes could be:

  • to exceed 21 points - it is a loss and also called a Bust
  • to have 21 points - it is a win
  • the dealer and the player have less than 21 points - whoever is closer, wins
  • even - both sides have an equal number of points and no one is a winner


Blackjack online

An interesting fact is that the first country which created online casinos where people could play Blackjack online was Antigua and Barbuda. That happened in the mid-’90s. Today, there are thousands of places throughout the net claiming the title of a Blackjack Casino.

Many people do not understand why you have to play blackjack or any other casino game online. The experience probably is not as authentic as it would be if you are in Las Vegas but there are a lot of advantages if you decide not to travel.

First, we need to mention the bonuses offered by almost all gambling sites. Not easy to convert and withdraw but they are worth the try. In addition, you don’t have to wait for an open table, you can play no matter what time it is and most important, you are alone with the dealer. This is crucial because in classic brick-and-mortar casinos generally there are a few other players and if only one of them is a beginner that can cause a loss for everyone.

Furthermore, blackjack online provides you with more variations and often there are tournaments. Usually, minimum bets when playing online are also lower and the cash out is very easy. And if all of that is not enough online casinos invented the live blackjack.


Live blackjack online

If you consider playing online blackjack for real money a good idea, then you should definitely try the live versions of the game. Live blackjack is offered by many of the main gambling websites. This variation enables you to communicate with a live dealer bringing the experience to a higher level. Furthermore, some users are not feeling very comfortable betting against a software and with this solution, the casinos are aiming to bring more players to enjoy blackjack online.



If you have some spare time and money and love relaxing with casino games then you should try the adventure called online blackjack. It is an entertaining and easy game with plenty of blackjack strategies to choose from. Some players claim that they have found a 100% sure betting formula and it might be a good idea to read a few articles before you start. Remember though, playing blackjack online brings a high risk of losing all your chips!



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