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Buying Seeds Of High Quality: A Comprehensive Guide

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Quite a few people are trying their hand at growing cannabis at home these days. In truth, doing so offers many advantages, not the least of which is quality control. When you grow your own marijuana, you have complete control over the conditions in which it’s grown. With a lot of care and attention, that can certainly amount to a better, more potent end product. Of course, quality begins long before the plants grow. That’s why finding the highest quality seeds is so important.


Finding the Best Seeds to Grow a High-Quality Crop

If you’re ready to grow a weed garden, a few distinct seed sources are available. That being said, buying marijuana seeds can be confusing. Hundreds of varieties are on the market right now, and more are constantly arriving on the scene. On top of that, not all seed providers are the same. As such, it’s best to buy from a seed bank with not only the variety you’re looking for but a consistent reputation for excellence.

Read customer reviews to see what others are saying about the company being considered. Consider the amount of information suppliers make available about their products before offering your credit card number. The more they can tell you about their seeds and strains, the higher the guarantee of quality. Along those same lines, take a look at any quality guarantees the company offers in writing as well.


Understanding Seed Quality

While browsing various seeds and delving into different suppliers, keep a few additional points in mind. For one, it may be best to purchase a smaller batch of seeds from a provider at first as a trial run of sorts. Look at the seeds to make sure they’re fairly dark in color rather than pale or green. If they’re dark, they’re probably mature enough to produce a healthy plant. Those that are pale or appear to be covered in a chalky white substance may not grow into healthy plants. Test them for freshness as well by placing them in water. 


Genetic Lineage

Additionally, it’s important to purchase seeds from a supplier who knows the lineage of the strains being offered. Some call their products by popular names, but they have no idea which strains came together to create the seeds they’re selling. As a result, there’s no guarantee what the effects of the buds will be once they’re mature. Don’t fall into that trap. Buy from a trusted seed bank that knows where its seeds come from and what their genetic lineage is. 


Are Regular, Feminized, or Autoflowering Seeds Best?

Seed banks tend to offer regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds. As long as those seeds are of the highest quality, which variety is best depends on your needs and expectations. Regular seeds can grow into either male or female plants. Separating the males from the females at the right time to prevent pollination could be a problem. For experienced growers, though, it may not be an issue. 

Feminized seeds are supposed to produce only female plants, so pollination isn’t an issue with them. Unless otherwise specified, regular feminized seeds are typically photoperiodic. That means they depend on light to transition from the vegetative to the flowering stage. It also means they take longer to mature. Autoflowering plants, on the other hand, mature by age and tend to do so more quickly. It’s possible to purchase feminized autoflowering seeds for the best of both worlds. 


Getting the Best Seeds

Purchasing cannabis seeds from a reliable seed bank is the key to success. It’ll ensure your seeds are fresh and contain the genes they’re supposed to. From there, decide whether regular, feminized, autoflowering, or autofem seeds are the best option for you. All this will help generate a healthy crop of cannabis for your enjoyment. 







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