Camping and Hiking Hand Tools You Need To Buy

We always love adventure, and camping or hiking is always part of it. They even are the very definition of adventure. While you enjoy the excitement and fun that come with camping and hiking, have you ever wondered the hand tools you would need during camps and hikes?

Camping and hiking seem to be just an enjoyable activity which anyone can do, but there’s more to them than just the kill-the-time-and-have-some-fun thing. They may appear to be very interesting to do, but they can also go wrong in one way or another. Let’s just say lack of camping and hiking hand tools is one factor that makes these outdoor activities less promising.

So, having a few, if not, complete tools for camps and hikes can help you a lot as you traverse the plains, steep slopes, and grassy wilderness by yourself or with a group. But, how can you acquire these hand tools without even knowing exactly each hand tool?

This post aims to introduce to you the camping and hiking hand tools you would need to make your outdoor experience a blast.

This is a water filter device that easily cleans water. This is a must-have for hikers and mountaineers.

This tool is designed for coffee addicts who want to sip their tasteful espresso in the morning and in between their outdoor adventures.

There are hammocks that are durable and can stand any weather conditions. Choose the one that’s made of an ultralight material, and is comfortable.

4. Hiking Boots

Before buying your pair of hiking boots, make sure to check how and where you hike. Make sure they are a perfect fit before you tie the knot.

This is a helpful tool for your outdoor activity. Remember, do not buy a chainsaw because of its bar length and power. Buy a chainsaw that you can safely control. This means you opt for a smaller one.

6. Torque Wrenche

Invented in 1918, this is used to apply a specific torque to a certain fastener like the nut or bolt.

7. Screwdriver

This hand tool is for turning a screw. A screwdriver has a handle attached to metal. This is a very good tool for a hike or camp.

8. First Aid Kit

This is a must-have kit for those who work outdoor. The first aid kit contains bandages, sterile wipes, adhesive tape, and antiseptic cream, among others.

This helps a hiker keep his gadgets powered up. Hikers and campers are encouraged to use this for a better convenience.

10. DeLorme InReach SE Satellite Messenger

This device can best send and receive messages. This will also help people who want to track you. This also allows you to communicate two ways.

Nothing completes your camping experience without spending a night camping under the night sky. Obviously, you would need a tent to be able to do this. Choose the one that is weather resistance, easy to setup, livable, and handy. It should weather the test of time.

These tools help a novice hiker, or a seasoned mountaineer has a better balance on a very challenging traverse in the wild. It can help one reduce the pressure on your body during descent and ascent.

II. Taking care of your tools

Whether you have easily acquired your outdoor gears or not, taking care of them should be your utmost concern. After all, they are an investment. Here are ways on how to make your camping and hiking tools last longer:

1. Store them in a dry place

If your storage has humidity issues like that in basements and garages, try to buy a dehumidifier to keep the place’s dampness down. With a dehumidifier, you can set a humidity level, so it only turns on when it has to.

2. Clean your tools

Cleaning your tools is the least you can do to preserve them. Use the proper tool to clean them. You may use oil in cleaning those that are made of metal. But, in most cases, water is the safest cleaner.

3. Hang your tools (if necessary)

There are some outdoor tools that need to be hanged like trekking poles, binoculars, and other gadgets.Make sure they don’t be a nuisance in your room. So, always keep them in the proper place.

4. When is the best time to replace your outdoor gears?

Well, nothing lasts forever, not even your camping and hiking hand tools. Well, there’s no hard and fast rules as to when you are going to throw them all away and purchase another. You as an owner actually knows if it’s already time to change your boots or your backpack. But, if you want to stop your wonders, you may research it online or you may ask high-caliber campers and mountaineers about it.

III. Conclusion

Camping and hiking tools are very essential for every outdoor activity, second to your very own presence. Aside from what we’ve listed down here, there are still a lot more tools and devices you can have.

But, you can’t just grab these tools right away after seeing them on a store shelf. Be careful in choosing the right tool. Make sure to purchase that one of high quality, regardless of how expensive it is. Sometimes, you don’t need to mind the cost. But, if you really want to save money, and just buy the cheaper one without considering its quality; then, remember that you always get what you pay for.

But, once you already possess them, always take care of them to make them last, if not forever, at least, longer.

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