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Tips For Creating The Ultimate Man Cave

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Tips For Creating The Ultimate Man Cave



Creating an exclusive man cave is one of the most exciting projects, but a lot of groundwork is needed for the best results. Planning for the space upfront is an important part of the process, as much of the focus is on the outcome of how your getaway will look like in the end. To help you out, we have the essential tips needed for creating the ultimate man cave with a modern touch.

1. Evaluate space and electrical needs

It is important to check the amount of space you have before making any purchases. You’ll need different types of furniture for the man cave, so, essentially you’ll need to ascertain that the space has been checked, and that it has been deemed adequate for a successful project.

Electric essentials must also be put into consideration, bearing in mind factors such as proximity to other rooms, amount of equipment to be installed, and possibility of upgrading.


2. Make plans for plumbing

Not all man caves will need plumbing services, especially if facilities such as the kitchen and the bathroom are a stone throw away. However, if there is some distance to be covered, or you intend to make the man cave a full bar, arrangements for running water must be made. Ensure that plumbing services are not an after-thought by ensuring that adjustments are made early in advance.


3. Evaluate different themes

Most people will have some challenges choosing the style or materials to go with. Try wooden or metal themes that will give your man cave a more appealing industrial look. They are highly flexible to allow for additional designs, and are also quite durable even for use on a busy platform. While glass can be classy, it does not sit too well with a man cave as it is fragile, and too reflective.


4. Make choice of a central game table

Among the several table-based sports, take time to pick the right game to dominate the central table. Whether it is poker, pool, or football, create additional spotlights to give it the visibility it deserves. All the decorations around the room must blend well with the center table, improving the entire outlook of the man cave. While doing so, leave adequate seating and display space.


5. Pick the ideal display

A big enough screen is a necessity in a man cave, but the size must be proportional to the size of the space around. You are free to pick the TV size of your choice, but ensure that there is enough space between the front seats, and the TV. That gives the audience a comfortable viewing even through long hours.


6. Lighting is everything

You’ll be lost for choice when it comes to finding the perfect lighting for your man cave. Bar-style pendant lights and traditional ceiling lighting is always an ideal choice for primary lighting, but the real challenge can be in the light variations. Bulbs and LED strings are good for light color variations, but try not to overdo it.


7. Maintain an open seating arrangement

Seats placed in the middle of the man cave will render the unused space useless. It is advisable to place seats against the walls, or to utilize the space right behind the gaming chairs for storage or display tables. Suffocating seats in the middle of the pack leaves a lot of unnecessary space idle, and nothing meaningful can be done on this space.

Seating arrangement plans must be made during the initial plan to ensure that seats and tables are designed to fit in well with the area allocated for the man cave.


8. Consider a built-in bar

If the space available permits, consider including a built-in bar with an area for refrigeration. It is one of the ideal ways to make your ultimate man cave the perfect entertainment hub. The bar section must not be too big to take away the main idea of gaming and other facilities, but ensure you have several stools that will not consume a lot of space.

A refrigeration cabinet or a closet for storing dips and beverages comes in handy, and saves on the unnecessary commotion of back and forth kitchen trips.


9. Install the right cooling systems

You do not have to pay top dollar for your man cave cooling system, but it is an essential element. The man cave is not such a big space, and with a lot of human activity, the heat in the room will definitely rise. Look around for a high-quality air conditioner, preferably one with outdoor access. If your man cave is adjacent to your main house HVAC, you can get help from an expert to tie it to the space.

However, in most cases you’ll need another air conditioner unit for extra cooling. One connected to the outdoors, even a small window will be just fine.


10. Erect a sound system that blends well with your space

A 7.1, or at least a 5.1 surround sound system is ideal for the ultimate man cave, but take time to make plans for positioning of speakers. Also, unless you’re using wireless speakers, ensure the speaker wires are run professionally through concealed spaces. They should not be left to hang carelessly as they can cause accidents, or make the place to appear less neat.

Also, if sound is not your cup of tea, seek help from a professional to ensure that you find the perfect sound for the space available.



Throughout the entire process of creating the ultimate man cave, keep the main goal in mind. It will be a place for men to shed off work or family-related stress, a place to catch a match final, workout, or enjoy a beer or two with the boys. Ideally, it should have a man’s touch written all over from scratch. With the above simple tips, you should be able to come up with the perfect getaway where men will want to congregate every time after work or during the weekend.



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