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Do All Slots Have Music?

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When you think of the audio heard from slot machines, I would make a bet that the first thing that pops into your mind is the sound effects. The ‘clunk’ of the mechanisms, the hyperactive bleeps and bloops throughout the game, and most importantly the sugary-sweet sound of hitting the jackpot - discover popular games like Starburst.

It is pretty easy to forget that there is actually music playing in slots – buy it is so much more important that it may seem. How often is music used in slots, and why is it important? We will be answering these questions throughout the next few paragraphs!

Why is music used in Slots?

Can you imagine playing slots in complete silence? Me neither. Much like any other game, slots benefit greatly from a bit of background music. Generally it is used to provide a catchy but un-intrusive soundtrack to accompany the slot machine experience, designed to keep us entertained and coming back for more! The kind of music that is used in slots varies greatly and depends on the general theme of the slots, but it always sound pretty good to us! Three key categories of music found in slots are:

-          Themed music

-          Popular music

-          Gameshow music


Types of Slots Music

You have probably noticed that one of the most common types of slot machines are themed – this could mean it has:

- a candy theme

- a snowflake theme

- an Egyptian temple theme…

…or many more - there are simply too many to name. With these types of slots, music is used to set the mood and atmosphere of a theme matching the graphics, helping to provide a more enjoyable experience for many. Warning, these songs may get stuck in your head – they’re super catchy!

The next example is quite surprising – popular music. This would not be found in your traditional slot games, but there are many examples of music-based slots. Some will play very short clips of classic tracks, with slots fans guessing which song is playing. These are very popular amongst music fans and could be considered a ‘skill-based game’ – but watch out, because they throw in some seriously hard tracks!

The final main category is that of gameshow music. It is no surprise that slot machine developers have made spin-offs on your favorite gameshows, so of course they’re going to add the theme tune.


So is music found in every single slots game?

Well OK, maybe not every slots game, but it is certainly the case with the vast majority. They just would not be the same without them. It is especially important for music-based slots, and we would love to see more of them! Thankfully, with plenty of new online slots games to try in 2021, we reckon it is going to be a great year for the musicians of the gambling world!