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Energy Conserving Projects For Your Home

Energy Saving Ideas for your home

Energy conserving projects for your home maybe is the media impact of the activist Greta Thunberg, but awareness of environmental matters has never been higher and more people want to make a difference if they can. One way in which this is possible is by reducing the consumption of energy within your home and if you have been inspired by Miss Thunberg, these are some changes that you could make.

Power your home with wind

Energy Conserving Projects For Your Home

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Reducing Energy Conserving Projects For Your Home consumption is about switching from non-renewable to renewable sources. Renewable energy sources are ones that cannot be exhausted, such as wind and sunlight, and the first of these is one of the most commonly used types. Everyone has seen wind turbines on the landscape, but it is possible to set one of these up in your home and use it as a source of power. If you want to reduce bills quickly then a wind-power system that is grid connected is the simplest way of doing so. This sort of system meets your energy needs up to a point, after which traditional grid power kicks back in, but it will still save you money and reduce the energy your house consumes.


Build your own ‘green’ lawn mower

Energy Conserving Projects For Your Home


With a little know-how it is possible to convert your existing lawn mower that runs on traditional energy sources and pollutes the environment, into something that saves energy while still doing its job efficiently. All you will need to do is add a circuit breaker, a couple of batteries of 12 volts each and a little DC motor to the machine to create something that can be run entirely on solar power.

Energy Conserving Projects For Your Home

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DIY water heater

Energy Conserving Projects For Your Home

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Energy Conserving Projects For Your Home :  Another great DIY energy saving idea is to make a water heater that runs on solar power rather than fossil fuels. You will need something long and flat with panels that can serve as your solar power collector. If you can get hold of a solar pre-heater with mirrors that will work well, but if not some corrugated plastic sheeting painted black will be fine. Fit something for running water through the panels, for example ABS pipe, and a bucket for the water to complete your water heater.


Solar oven

Energy Conserving Projects For Your Home

Solar Ideas

To make an oven that runs on sunlight rather than gas or electricity, start with a picture frame made of glass and two cardboard boxes, one sized the same as the frame and one 3 inches bigger. Make a hole in the bigger box so the smaller goes inside and fill up the gap between the two with newspaper, before sealing it up with duct tape. Line the inside with aluminium tin foil and then make reflectors out of bits of cardboard with more of this foil covering them – ensure the shiny side of the foil faces down. Add these and you should have your very own cooker powered by solar rays.

These projects will reduce energy conserving projects for your home and bills and will also be an enjoyable challenge.

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