How to Remove a Pocket Door in the Easiest Way Possible

Pocket doors are excellent features, especially for many old homes. However, as door jambs function over time, pocket doors start to create gaps when you close them. Moreover, the hardware of the pocket doors begins to drag after using it many times. It makes the pocket door hard to close and open. As you replace the functioning hardware on the pocket door, you may renew its functionality. Also, you may enhance the way it looks exteriorly.

Getting rid of the pocket door is a useful task for a lot of people who want to change the way their home looks. You see, pocket doors serve many purposes in your home and many functions for many reasons. But, as it gets jammed up all the time, removing it may be useful, especially if already causes trouble. However, do you know how to remove pocket door? Luckily, getting rid of your old door is quite an easy task to do. What you simply need is to carefully remove the door so you could not cause any damage or further harm.

As mentioned above, removing a pocket door is simple as a piece of cake. Plus, it does not take too long to get done. By doing so, you can either replace the door or refill it with a more traditional one. So, how will you ultimately take out a troublesome door? Here is an excellent way to finally get rid of your crappy pocket door.

Scratching the Pocket Door Stop

The very first thing you have to do is to open the pocket door completely so that you may access the door stop. Next, by using a knife or a razor, slowly cut the caulk. Then, head your way to the door stop. Make sure that you precisely scratch along the pocket door stop. Slowly do this task as accidental slips may cause harm or damage. If you accidentally cause falls, this may cause harm to the wood to your door stop.

If you are planning not to use the wood again, then you could just eradicate it using a pry bar. However, once you decide on doing this, you can never recycle the wood again.

Taking Off the Door Stops

The next thing you have to do is to lift away all of the door stops from their frame. It may be an easy task to fulfill. However, you still need to utilize a pry bar to remove them out. Do not panic if you see a stop nailed on one side of the door. Just take it away from the wood intact so that you won’t be able to cause further damage. If you damage the wood, then that only means that you can’t use it again.

Shutting the Pocket Door

Then, what you need to do is to close the door. It will give you some access to the entire door so that you can take away the pocket door.

Completely Lifting Off the Pocket Door

As you remove the door, you will discover that you need one portion of the track to open. Next, you need to stand on the same side to remove the pocket door. You must open the monitor and begin pulling the door to your direction. Then, try to lift it slowly. By doing these steps, you should pull the rollers out of the track. If you are seeking to remove a huge door, then you may need another person for assistance, especially to manhandle the door itself.

Removing the Pocket Door

Lastly, what you have to do is to take away the door and set it aside entirely. It means that you need the door out of the way of your doorway. For many people, this many be the trickiest step to do. But, it still all depends on the type and size of the pocket door you have. If the track hit in the wall, then you may find that removing the door would take too much time and effort. In this case, you may seek for the help of a professional.


Knowing how to remove a pocket door is such a useful skill. At some point, you may need to take away the door to repaint it, or you want to replace the hardware of the door. Also, a few adjustments to the pocket door needs you to remove it.

However, pocket doors have different installation processes. All it takes is for you to discover them. Then, slowly follow the steps of removing the door.

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