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How To Start A Cannabis Garden: Have No Odor Bothering Your Neighbor

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How To Start A Cannabis Garden



Growing cannabis can be both a rewarding and unique experience, especially for first-timers. With the continuous process to fully legalize both marijuana plantation and utilization in the United States, inevitably, there will be more enthusiasts who would want to try and grow a garden of their own.

Before starting a plantation, always make sure to think about the strains you wish to grow thoroughly. Although some might find it difficult to decide.

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Choosing Between Indoor And Outdoor Plantations

For some planters, deciding to set up their cannabis garden indoors is not always a personal choice. The decision could be because of the climate in the area or the security of the plantation. If owners feel that several uncontrollable factors can damage and affect the plants’ growth, then planting indoors is the only option, which is an excellent choice for gardeners who wish to take full control of the environment of the growing cannabis seeds.

However, others have the choice of gardening outdoors, which can also produce a reasonable amount of cannabis plants. Although challenging, outdoor plantations can be a good start for first-timers, especially those who have access to sunlight, wind, proper drainage, and adequate space. Remember that the decision to do outdoor planting also means dealing with the natural changes in weather, pests, and a possible mold formation.

Overall, the most significant difference between outdoor and indoor cannabis gardening is the ability to have precise control over the plant’s environment as well as the number of crops to harvest.


A Guide To Planting Marijuana Indoors

#1: Choose An Area For Your Garden

When selecting a space for the cannabis garden, make sure that the area is small so that it’s easy to handle and nurture. Also, having a small space allows first-time gardeners to make mistakes without spending too much on the damage because gardening can have a lot of setbacks, even if it is indoors. The perfect gardening area lets planters carefully check on the growth as well as temperature and humidity.


#2: Check Which Grow Lights Suits Your Preference

There is a variety of grow lights that can help the plant thrive. High-intensity discharge (HID) lights are popular in the industry because of high output and efficiency. Although a bit costly, the amount of light released can significantly help the plants grow. However, there are alternatives, such as the LED, induction, and fluorescent grow lights.


#3: Install A Reliable Regulator Of Air

Cannabis plants also need a continuous supply of fresh air and carbon dioxide, which means that it’s crucial to prioritize the installation of both an exhaust fan and an air inlet. Both products can ensure that the temperature of the indoor garden stays within normal limits. After setting up the lights, that’s when owners should determine the type and size of fans to use. Take note that directly pointing the fans towards the plant can cause damages. Its best to use the fans as a means for proper air circulation.


A Guide To Planting Marijuana Outdoors

#1: Study The Climate First

There’s no use in preparing to plant outdoors if you have no idea about the climate for the next few months. It’s crucial to study and understand the role of the area’s environment in the growth of cannabis. Although marijuana can withstand and adapt to several changes in the weather, it still gets affected in some way. Gardeners should take note that temperature higher than 86 Fahrenheit stops the growth of cannabis. On the other hand, lesser than 55 Fahrenheit causes damage and death to the plants.


#2: Pick The Best Soil

Marijuana can potentially grow in any soil, but if the owners want the plants to thrive fully, then they should acquire a type of land that has increased organic matter content. Avoid using heavy clay soils, as these don’t work well regarding oxygen circulation. Instead, choose silty soil because of the excellent moisture content, drainage, and it has many nutrients for the plants.


#3: Frequently Water The Plants

Although the plants have access to sunlight and occasional rainwater, owners still have to water the cannabis plants. Depending on the strain, some can take up to 10 gallons of water per day. Always ensure proper water drainage for each plant, because it may cause molds in the long run.


How You Can Get Rid Of The Strong Marijuana Odor

Use Carbon Filters

The marijuana industry often uses carbon filters because activated carbon has proven to rid the air of impurities, including the strong odor given off by marijuana plants. Although carbon filters vary in sizes and shapes, owners must always consider the CFM or cubic feet per minute. This measurement indicates the quantity of air that passes through the filters in a minute. The higher the CFM, the more effective it is in removing the odor.


Install Negative Space Air Pressure

In line with obtaining a carbon filter, aiming for negative space air pressure is a must. The air pressure makes sure that the direction of the room’s air goes toward the outtake fans, which ultimately decreases the chances of the marijuana odor seeping through the walls and reaching the neighbors. Ensuring negative air space pressure stops odor penetration.


Try Odor Neutralizing Products

The main component of neutralizers is that they bind with the marijuana content known as terpenes. The binding of the two components causes a removal of the odor from the air. However, planters should understand that these odor neutralizers should not be in the same room as the growing plants. Instead, place them in areas that have a risk of acquiring the marijuana odors.


Include Other Flowers In The Garden

The aromatic odor of flowers can help in the cover-up of the strong marijuana scent. Both lavender and peppermint are effective repellents of pests and mice. Other alternatives are rosemary and lemongrass.


Use Vinegar

Vinegar also has a strong odor, which is why some planters use it as a cover-up for the marijuana smell. However, owners should replace the vinegar every three days, as it can lose its effect by then.



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