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Online Slot Themes That Men Prefer

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vegas-casino slot machines

vegas-casino slot machines

Slots remain the largest category of online casino games ever. There are thousands of slot games online today. These slots come with various themes and storylines, and there’s no limit to what storylines developers can attach to their slots - join and spin slot games.

Men arguably form the larger population of slot players. And due to the difference in their nature, there are specific themes of slots that attracts them more. In this article, we will list 5 of these themes.

1.   Historical slots

It is no secret that men, especially the older generation love to soak themselves in history. They love to navigate through different eras and times of the world. While there are females who love this too, the population of men are far higher.

Men love to hear stories about past wars, hunting, and culture. Thus, they would naturally go for slots that offer such themes. Examples of slots with historical themes are:

  •         Wolf Gold
  •         Champions of Valhalla
  •         Arabian Nights
  •         The Stone Age
  •         Gladiator 


2.   Sports-themed slots

Men love sports and are the major participants in the different activities. So, when they play sports-themed slots, they can easily appreciate the icons, symbols, and features.

There are many slots with themes of sports such as football, fishing, basketball, and even wrestling. Some slots are based on a particular athlete or star player.

Examples of sport-themed slots are:                                                                  

  •         Extreme Fishing
  •         Football Glory
  •         The Champions
  •         Super Sumo
  •         Basketball Legends 


3.   Adventure-themed slots

This type of slots is always action-packed and filled with battles, quests, and elements of danger. Adventurous slots also transport the players to different worlds right from the moment they click on “Spin”.

In their hunt for treasures, they will come across many challenges and have to fight different characters before they conquer. This is exactly what makes adventurous slots attractive to men. Here are some slots with adventure themes:

  •         Asgard
  •         John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure
  •         Gonzo’s Quest
  •         Avalon II
  •         Tarzan 


4.   Crime/Action themed slots

This theme brings a feeling of excitement all through. Imagine playing the role of a robber who is trying to escape from the police. There’s some excitement as you face the challenge of outsmarting the police. In some other slots, the main character could be a Superhero who is fighting crime and trying to save the city. 

These slots usually come with suspense-filled soundtracks that keep players in the mood all through the gaming time. And if the slot is based on a movie, it could feature soundtracks and effects from the movie. Here are examples of slots with the theme:

  •         Terminator 2
  •         Cash Bandits
  •         Black Widow
  •         Chicago
  •         Instinct 


5.   TV show inspired slots

There’s no one who does not love this type of slots, especially when it is based on your favourite TV shows. The slots feature elements of the show and the original soundtracks used. This brings the feeling of watching the show back to you.

Slots inspired by TV shows are usually popular. However, it usually takes the developer much more to create them. Developers will have to seek permission from the creators of the show.

Here are examples:

  •         Deal or No Deal Slot
  •         Who wants to be a millionaire
  •         Games of Thrones
  •         Wheel Of Fortune
  •         American Idol



Men are naturally slot lovers an all slot types appeal to them. However, they are attracted to certain games with unique themes. If you have judiciously gone through this piece, then you have no problem knowing the slots they regularly play.







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