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Online Slots Dictionary: Beginner’s Toolbox 

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The appeal of online slot games is their simplicity, as they do not need any skill to be played, and anyone can jump straight in and try their luck on them. Slots do however come with their own language and terms and these need to be studied closely before they can be fully mastered - play online slots with up to 500 free spins today.

Whether it is necessary to learn about these unique phrases or not, all depends on whether you are a casual or serious reel spinner. Here is a selection of some slot terms that can help players understand the mechanics of slots better. 

Random Number Generator 

The Random Number Generator is a controversial entry into the slot dictionary because it is behind the generation of every slot spin result at every online casino. The RNG is a computer microchip that does what its name suggests, it continually generates number sequences. This means that millions of sequences are produced every day, and this is even the case when slots are spinning or stationary. The purpose of these numbers is that they are translated into slot spin results. So, if you are having a run of bad luck, it is all down to the RNG, and it is this that is to blame for delivering dead spins. On the flip side, if you keep winning, then it is the RNG that you should be thanking. 

The controversy is whether a computer chip can be truly random or whether it can be programmed to behave in a certain way. The jury seems to still be out on this one and players believe that the RNGS used by casinos are not truly random, whilst the industry tends to disagree, so a stalemate is where this argument currently is at.


Return to Player Percentage 

You may have noticed whilst surfing through slot lobbies that slot games have a score allocated to them. This is known as the Return to Player percentage, and it is worth noting what this means. In simple terms, a high-scoring game will pay out better than a low RTP rated one and this is because the RTP score reflects the percentage of player wagering that is expected to be returned to punters by certain games, throughout thousands of slot spins. A game that has a score of over 96% is worth investing in. RTP calculations are not an exact science so you could win more or less than the rating suggests. 


Auto Play

If you like slots because they offer fast-paced entertainment, then you will probably want to use the auto-play function. This tab automatically plays out slot spins without the need to continuously press the spin button. You can set the number of spins you want to play out automatically and you can choose your stake. These spins can be stopped by setting a loss limit that will terminate the spins once you have reached the level set. Make the most of this function though, because soon it will be history after the UK Gambling Commission considered that it posed a threat to player safety as it stops punters from keeping track of their spending.