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Why Gamblers Need To Be Well Rested And 5 Tips To Help You Sleep CASINO

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Tips To Help You Sleep



If you’ve ever suffered a few sleepless nights in a row then you know how draining and even dangerous it can be to walk around in a fatigued state. Once your body reaches the point of exhaustion, there is no amount of hot coffee in the world that can pick up back up again. To make matters worse for gamblers, having a tired brain can impact decision making and good judgment.

Knowing full-well that being tired can make us worse gamblers with a relaxed sense of good financial judgment, casinos strive to keep us up all night with strategic design. Lucian Marienesco, a managing partner at Online Casino Gems, talks about how casinos plot to keep you awake. “They know that the later you stay at night, the more likely you are to throw caution to the wind and make larger more risky bets, so they give you free booze, crank up the lighting, and hide the clocks so that you lose all sense of time.”

According to an article written by TIME, pulling an all-nighter can lead to devastating financial decisions. Gamblers who are tired are more likely to make risky bets to try to maximize winnings for the day rather than defend their bank accounts against potential loss. It also discusses a study published by the Journal of Neuroscience that was able to show via brain scans that the reward and judgment centers of the brain are altered when we are tired.

Disordered sleeping can take an even more ominous turn when it impacts problem gamblers. For people coping with addiction, stress can cause a lot of sleepless nights and sleep deprivation can, in turn, lead to relapses in recovering addicts. An addiction study available on the US National Libary of Medicine’s website described the bi-directional relationship of sleep problems and addictive personalities. Gambling is a socially acceptable and very common hobby but too much of anything is not good. Around 4-6% of gamblers will become problem or pathological gamblers at some point. This means that they will continue to gamble even when there are dire consequences to their health, financial stability, or relationships. They can have extreme anxiety leading to disordered sleep. They can also gamble at all hours of the night and lose track of time, leading to even more sleepless nights.

To avoid letting insomnia and poor sleep quality get the better of you when you’re a recreational gambler, you should practice good sleep habits that will help you fall asleep faster and increase the overall quality of your sleep. Waking up feeling refreshed and not groggy will help you make better decisions at the casino.


Here are 5 tips to help you get a good night’s rest.

1. Stick To A Sleep Schedule

You should set aside 8 hours in your schedule for sleeping every night, that’s 7 hours for sleeping and an hour for your sleep ritual to help lull you to dreamland. According to them, most adults only need 7 hours of sleep a night in total. A “sleep schedule” isn’t just for babies, it can help people of all ages sleep better. Getting your body into a natural rhythm of sleeping and waking hours will help you fall asleep faster. In addition to getting your body used to sleeping at a specific time, you can help control your body’s natural circadian rhythm with light exposure as well. Get plenty of sunlight in the morning and afternoon but limit exposure to bright lights late at night.


2. Create A Restful Environment

The Sleep Foundation recommends that you evaluate your bedroom to make sure it is prime for restful sleep. You won’t be able to sleep if the temperature is off, being too hot or too cold can keep you awake. They recommend 67 degrees as the perfect sleeping temperature but your personal preferences will play a role. Make sure your room is free from noise and light disruptions. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and make sure your pillows haven’t gone old and flat.


3. Build A Bedtime Ritual

If you build a bedtime ritual strong enough, you’ll start getting sleeping as soon as you start going through the steps each night. A bedtime ritual is a series of things you will do each night to prepare of restful sleep. It might include things like doing wind-down activities such as stretching, yoga, meditation, or reading. It could also include taking a bath or shower, doing a facial, or putting on your scented lotion. Here’s a pro-tip, the scent of lavender helps many people relax and fall asleep faster.


4. Get More Exercise

Difficulty falling asleep at night could be a sign that you need more exercise during the day. Based on available studies reported on by Hopkins Medicine, there is solid evidence that exercise helps you fall asleep faster and improves sleep quality. That means you will stay asleep without waking or being restless in the middle of the night. Moderate aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day seems to be the magic number. You should exercise in the morning or at least 2 hours before going to sleep.


5. Stop Using Screens Before Bed

Many people fall asleep at night right on their phone right by their bed. If you’re on guard to answer calls or texts at any moment then it could be difficult for your brain to switch off and go to sleep. Scrolling through social media while in bed also keeps your brain occupied and brings up emotions or even anxieties before sleeping. In addition, to be a distraction, there is a physical reason why screens aren’t good for bedtime. The blue light that comes from your electronic screen isn’t that great for your eyes or you brain. It has been found to suppress your natural melatonin level. This will throw off your internal clock and undo all that great work your bedtime ritual tried to do for you. Stop using your phone at least 30 minutes before bedtime.



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