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Top CBD Trends To Watch In 2020

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The popularity of CBD is rising exponentially. By the end of 2019, it managed to generate a significant amount of buzz all across the globe. The CBD industry is just starting out and doesn’t seem to evaporate anytime soon.

After successfully breaking chains from speciality websites and shops, CBD products are appearing in consumer goods in many of the well-known stores. Even though the industry is in its infancy stage, it has managed to expand exponentially, and we will be seeing more of that in the upcoming years.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular CBD trends that you can expect in the year 2020.

CBD Industry Trends

  • The CBD industry is bound to see massive growth in 2020. In fact, the sales are expected to surpass $20 billion by the end of the year 2024, alone in the United States.


  • At the end of 2018, The Farm Bill had legalized the production of hemp in the United States. Because of this reason, the year 2020 will see relevant federal and state regulations coming into place in order to regulate the production and cultivation of hemp.


  • Industry experts say that new regulations are bound to happen that can limit the various claims brands make regarding hemp and CBD. Because of this reason, ethical CBD companies won’t lose their customers to companies who tend to make outrageous health claims.


  • CBD lovers are going to rejoice because more social media networks will be created in the year 2020. The New Kale has also managed to start a CBD-focused web-based community. Soon, we are going to see new start-ups doing the same.
  • Currently, advertising for CBD on TV is quite vague and controversial. However, the latest developments are going to give room for CBD companies for marketing their products on TB and other channels.


  • The price of CBD dropped by 30% because of a pricing crash that happened in May 2019. As the demand and supply are going to increase in 2020, the prices are going to remain the same. Hence, customers can still avail their favourite products at a lower price.


CBD Research Tools

  • We are expected to see more studies that explore the connection between CBD and pain relief. A 2019 research study was able to find that CBD has a nonaddictive substance that can interact with the serotonin receptors in our body, which ultimately resulted in alleviation of anxiety and pain in the study participants. Therefore, more studies will help dig into this topic deeper.


  • Studies might explore the use of CBD in treating dementia. A study was able to find that CBD could be useful in treating dementia. Before it could be used as a legitimate method by practitioners and doctors, more trails are necessary to conclude any findings.


  • Studies will continue to explore the possible antitumorigenic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. A 2019 study was able to find that CBD possesses antitumorigenic and anti-inflammatory properties that could be used in the treatment of breast and other kinds of cancers. These findings could be explored even more in the year 2020.


  • CBD also has potential in treating period cramps. Recently, scientists were able to discover that CBD is useful in inhibiting a prostaglandin-producing enzyme, which ultimately helps in alleviating period cramps. Similar to more research studies, further exploration is necessary to confirm these findings. Therefore, the year 2020 seems promising in this aspect.


  • The year 2020 is expected to see more research studies on the use of CBD in relation to various social anxiety disorders. A recent study was able to find that the anxiety-reducing effects of CBD could be used to treat social anxiety disorders. In the study, teenagers consuming CBD pills showed lower scores of social anxiety on markers as compared to those who consumed placebo pills.


CBD Food and Beverage Trends

  • Food items infused with CBD is expected to expand in the year 2020. Taking CBD oil along with foods allows it to reach your bloodstream in higher concentration. Hence, CBD-infused foods are bound to hit the market in 2020.
  • CBD condiments are going to be a huge thing in 2020. Condiments are a delicious way of consuming CBD. Therefore, you might see CBD hot sauce and many more products taking the market by a storm. You can also try to DIY condiments at home. Explore CBD products at IHF to find CBD oil that would be perfect for your DIY condiment recipe at home.
  • Another popular product that is expected to hit the market would be CBD-infused peanut butter. In 2020, you might be able to use this product along with your regular meals. Not only will be your body receive the benefits of peanut butter, which mostly includes healthy fats and protein, but also of CBD.
  • In 2020, you might see CBD-infused lollipops that are designed to offer satisfaction whenever you have one of your sweet tooth cravings. These products have recently hit the market, but its popularity is expected to grow in 2020.
  • Pairing chocolate and CBD doesn’t seem like a bad idea. In 2020, you might see companies trying to sell delicious chocolate infused with CBD to please its customers.
  • In 2020, you might find companies selling CBD bottled water. It is created by suspending enough CBD particles in water.
  • Similar to CBD water, the year 2020 might bring CBD coffee to your nearby dispensaries as well. You might also find coffeehouses serving these to customers.


Closing Thoughts

With so many developments expected to happen, the year 2020 is going to highly exciting for all of us. Keep researching on this topic to get instant updates on the progress CBD industry has been continually making.



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