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Video Slot Games vs Retro Slot Machines: Differences 

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Retro slot machines have been surging in popularity recently, with players enjoying the unique experience that they offer. Although they are similar to video slot games, retro slot machines offer a lot of differences from traditional slot games - join

Video Slot Games 

Video slot games offer a completely different experience to retro slot machines. Video slot games first came to prominence in 1976 when Fortune Coin Company developed the first slot which utilised the software, however it wasn’t until the mid nineties that video slot games became popular. The first release was called Reel ‘em In and it was developed by WMS Gaming. Video slot games differed from their mechanical counterparts in many ways but the most obvious ways are the bonus games they offer. Retro slot machines only had one screen so they could not offer any extra games, the technology of modern video slot games allows them to offer players a multitude of bonus features to enjoy. 


Retro Slot Machines

Although they don’t offer as much in terms of gameplay and design, retro slot machines are still incredibly popular amongst players. Several aspects of traditional slot gameplay are changed when a player is using a retro slot machine. 

  1. Notalgia - A big reason for retro slot machines popularity is the nostalgia that they offer. Many players enjoy these types of slot games because it reminds them of the games they used to play when they were younger. Similarly, for players who weren’t young enough to play these types of games, it gives them a great chance to experience games of the past.
  2. Simplicity - Retro slot machines aren’t as overly complex and over designed as modern slot games, there is an emphasis on simplicity with these slot games. This is shown in the lower amount of available paylines, small amount of bonus features and simple graphics and designs. 


Key Differences 

Both video slot games and retro slot machines are offering the same type of game to players, despite this there are several key differences between the two which helps to separate them. 

  •     Lack of special symbols and bonus features - One of the biggest differences between the two is that retro slot machines lack any special symbols and bonus features, whilst video slots are filled with them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, the simplistic nature of retro slot gameplay helps the game to better capture the past.
  •     Variety of designs - Players don’t have to look very hard to find a multitude of video slot designs, there is a huge variety of themes to choose from. Retro slots don’t offer this same choice, they generally all follow a similar design. They even offer the same symbols on the reels, typically number 7s, bells and fruits. 


Final Thoughts 

Video slots and retro slot machines both offer a multitude of differences. If you are a player who would prefer a nostalgia driven experience, the classic retro slot machines will be perfect for you. However, if you would rather have an experience with lots of choice and variety, look no further than video slot games.