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What Is The Appeal Of Playing Blackjack Online?

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Mobile gaming has surged in terms of its popularity in recent times, with gamers from all age groups enjoying a whole host of more sophisticated and graphically advanced releases than ever before. Gaming on a phone is certainly a welcome release from fixing up the bathroom or from annoying family members, which is why more and more adults are discovering the joys of mobile gaming.

A traditional card game that has made the transition over to mobile phone, blackjack is one of the most popular types of mobile phone games out there. With numerous ways you can play blackjack online, including at, it’s a game with a loyal and dedicated following who are enjoying blackjack online away from the traditional version of the game around a table. Of course, traditional blackjack is more sociable and allows players to have some human interaction, but online blackjack comes with a variety of appealing factors too.

With online blackjack proving to be incredibly popular in recent times, we thought we’d go through a few key reasons as to why it is doing so well.

Gaming from the comfort of your own home

Not everyone has the means to enter a luxurious casino with its swanky dress code, and expensive menus, which is why replicating that casino feel from the comfort of your own home is hugely appealing to people. You can fire up an online blackjack game within a matter of seconds, play it while watching a movie or waiting for your meal to be ready, and enjoy what is a classic game in a familiar, convenient and comfortable setting.


Live gaming

Most online blackjack games have a live dealer which helps mimic what goes at a real-life, land-based casino. You can see the dealer dealing each player a fresh set of cards, many of them interact with players to give the experience an authentic feel, and people become familiar with their favourite dealers and can play along with familiar faces.


Variety of blackjack games to choose from

Blackjack comes in a variety of shapes and forms. A popular version of the game is blackjack switch which is an ingenious twist on it as players start with two hands and then have the option of switching to the hand they prefer. There’s also progressive blackjack, European blackjack, pontoon, match play 21, face-up 21, perfect pairs blackjack and Spanish 21, alongside a whole host of other versions of the classic game.


Not as much pressure

Playing blackjack online doesn’t come with the same pressures that playing a live game does as you’re away from the intense and testing environment that some casinos can be on occasions. The tension in a home game of blackjack is reduced considerably, therefore giving you a clearer mind and the opportunity to make better, more concentrated decisions. 

Playing blackjack

Playing blackjack

The graphics

Many online gamers love games in general, which is why many of the more sophisticated and detailed online blackjack games with improved graphics, as well as the option of changing table colours, music, voiceovers to help set the mood, and a variety of other functionalities give gamers the required gaming fix they’re after.


Bonuses and rewards

Another huge appeal of playing blackjack from the comfort of your own home while online is down to the bonuses and rewards that many online casinos offer. For example, when joining an online casino, many of them give new players a sign-up bonus. Different casino operators tend to have different offers, but they’re all beneficial. A land-based casino just doesn’t offer that, although you will always be able to get a free drink or two.