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Whether you are living in a 5-star hotel suite or a mansion, a cottage, or a small apartment, every single person has to deal with the maintenance of their residential place. This might include fixing the roof, retiling the bathroom floor, getting a new paint job done or even unclogging the drains.  The issue of how to keep drains clean, is something that bothers a lot of us. It is of no surprise that it is a nasty task, and most of us scrunch up our noses at it. However, it is something essential that we all must face and, thus, know how to avoid.

As daunting and unappealing the task may seem, you should be assured that it is not impossible to achieve. We live in a world where humans have established solutions to pretty much any and every sort of problem. From simple home-based solution and remedies such as DIYs or to professional help, there are a lot of solutions out there. Therefore, the following are a series of steps you can take to ensure clean drains and a healthy environment for you.



Clogged drains cause a lot of health issues and contribute to an unhygienic environment. This is why the safest way that ensures fast solutions to your problems is to seek professional help such as Super Drains in Sydney. There is no shortage of professionals here. They can come to your aid at any time you want. Somebody from the team would timely show up at your door and provide you with their services.

While yes, unclogging your drains can be done at your home by yourself, it is always much wiser to seek professional help. Let’s see how? Whether you are a working woman or a stay at home; whatever your routine may be the one thing for certain is that most of us are extremely busy in our lives and don’t have time or energy to carry out such tasks. This is where professional help comes in. It not only helps you and saves your time and effort, but is also promises results. When you fall extremely sick, you might try to treat yourself with self-diagnosed medicines and remedies. This might work and you might feel better but there is no guarantee about the medicine you took. The disease might come back again because the dosage you took wasn’t enough to beat it or you weren’t careful about the measures to be taken for your health. This is why you seek professional help, which, in this case, is going to the doctor. Point is that they know what they are doing and so are likely to fix something of yours in their first try. They have degrees, licenses and experiences. There is nobody in this world who would fix your car better than a mechanic, your health better than a doctor, your electrical issues better than an electrician. Similarly, nobody can unclog your drains better than the companies established for this very specific job.



Another great set of helpers is bacteria. They can either be packaged in liquid form or granular form. A leading cause of clogged drains is an organic matter like hair, bits, and pieces of food, etc. Using bacterial cleaners ensures the breakdown of such organic matter and solves the clogging issue. Bacterial cleaners will neither cost you an arm and a leg nor are they very hard to find. They do their job in a couple of hours and have no side effects.

They are like your little team of helpers that crawl down the drain, find every nook and cranny and do their job of breaking down organic matter build up. They see and reach places human eyes, arms and hands cannot reach. Thus, their efficiency rate is very high. They don’t make faces at the idea of crawling down the drains and they are extremely obedient so really, what are you waiting for? ‘’BACTERIA, ASSEMBLE!’’



Grease is one of the biggest enemies of your kitchen drains. You don’t want it anywhere near your kitchen sinks.  While it gives us delicious fried items like fries, chicken pieces, nuggets, tempura and so on. It also acts as an enemy to your drains by sticking to the inside of it and trapping pretty much everything that passes through it which means anything that you dispose of down the drain, and eventually clogs your drain and is very successful at it. Grease tempts other food particles and debris and they cannot say no to it so eventually, they join forces and end up clogging your drain.

The problem is that we cannot say no to grease because we obviously cannot say no to food and all those scrumptious fried items. What we can do, however, is monitor and control the amount of grease we are throwing down the drains and how we are throwing it. This is where containers come in. After you are done with cooking and are left with the excess oil, you have two options; either re-use it once more or store it in containers that are then thrown in the trash later. The first option is wise because recycling is always a good idea but it can only be done within a limit. You cannot expect to reuse the same oil for a week now, can you?  So we end up at the 2nd option of storing the oil in containers. You should keep marked containers and pour the oil in there rather than dumping it down the drain. Purchase a rather large container which is efficient and also manageable. Mark it with a label written using a permanent marker so it doesn’t get washed away. Do this and you are good to go. You are now ready to beat the grease.



Another mistake that you must avoid is the dumping of food waste down the drain. This is something all of us are guilty of doing whether we admit it or not. We just cut up some vegetables or fruits, put them on a plate, and throw the leftovers down the drain. That is a big no-no, trust me. The same happens with other food leftovers, as well. Be that small bones of a chicken piece you just ate or from a fish.

In times like these, we must remember the importance of trash cans along with their purpose and put them to their use. Before heading off to the sink to wash your dishes, a quick stop by the trash can be a smart choice. It won’t cost you any extra time or effort but rather this visit will do justice to the proverb ‘’A stitch in time saves nine.’’ Thus,  walk over to the trash can and throw the leftovers there. This way, you can ensure clean drains without doing any extra work and your drains will surely thank you and be kind to you by not clogging.



All of us have had trouble with hair stuck in bathroom drains, and yes, nothing is more irritating than that. But alas, just like grease, we cannot get rid of hair. So again, we must come up with an easy solution. You should cover your drains with drain screens. They are not hard to find and are easy on the pocket. The drain screens act as a sieve and collect hair, soap, and other particles that are a threat to your drain.

Even though drain screens are beneficial and solve much of your problem, you should begin with yourself. You can do this by brushing your hair beforehand. It is said that you should not brush wet hair anyway. So, by brushing your hair before stepping into the shower will not only be beneficial for the drains but also for your hair and scalp because it would prevent hair fall and hair fall is not very nice, is it? So, make this a habit to brush your hair, collect any strays from the floor and the hairbrush and trash it. Remember to trash in the trash can is much better than to dump in the drains. Make smart choices.



Home remedies are sworn by every 2 out of 3 people, so why not try them? Home remedies are the easiest and the most convenient way to try to fix a problem. They are reliable, easy to carry out and not very expensive, most importantly, can be carried out by anyone and at any given hour.

Similarly, a case of clogged drains is nothing at the hands of the home remedies. There is a very simple solution to this problem. What you will need is baking soda and vinegar, both of which all kitchen cabinets hold. After acquiring the said ingredients, using measuring cups, you will need to measure one cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar. You will then put both of these down the drain and cover the drain immediately with a drain cover. Let this mixture sit for thirty minutes in your drain. After thirty minutes, remove the lid and wash the drain with hot water and see the result. You might need to carry out this task several times a week for perfection, but it would ensure positive results. This method will neither put a dent in your savings nor will it cost you hours on the clock.



After washing dishes, taking a hand shower from the kitchen sink, you should run hot water down the drain. You can do the same to your bathroom drain. Hot water gets rid of any debris and build-up that has accumulated itself in your drains. It helps dissolve grease, soap, toothpaste, etc.

Using hot water for clogged drains has more than one purpose. Firstly, it acts as a solvent for all the debris and dust particles so when you run hot water down the drain, it takes as many particles with is as it can. This makes it very easy to get rid of a large problem just like that. Secondly, when you run hot water down the drain, it goes down with pressure. This pressure helps rid of anything that is sticking to the inside of your drain. You know how it is said about water that it is so powerful and strong that is changes the shape of stone by wearing it down. This is very true and is what happens down the drain. It breaks away anything that is clinging to your drains and clogging it.



Clogged drains are hard on the eyes, the nose and the environment. they are revolting to see. They cause odors that spread around bathrooms and kitchens like wildfire. Thus, they create a very unhygienic environment and breed a lot of diseases that are harmful especially for children and pets. Your whole house must be in perfect condition with sleek furniture and gorgeous wallpapers adorning its walls. With a marble staircase leading to the upper story and a glorious chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Basically, you could be Cindrella living in your palace but as long as that palace has clogged drains in its bathrooms and sinks, it won’t be picture perfect and would have a big toll on your palace’s reputation. The idea and the thought of unclogging drains might sound very upsetting and draining but that is not true. With the right set of precautionary measures takes and decisions made, you can easily beat this problem. Just be careful and don’t procrastinate. Make the right decisions at the right time so you aren’t sorry later. Don’t leave anything for the last second. Remember that cleaning a 20% clogged drain is much easier than trying to clean it at its 80%! Follow these tips, buy the said items and you are good to go. Good luck!







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