What is Sheesham Wood and What makes it different?

One of the types of wood you will encounter when furniture shopping is sheesham wood. But, what is Sheesham wood exactly? How does it compare to other types of wood like mango wood?Learn about the origin of Sheesham wood, its characteristics, and how it compares to a mango wood. Find out why it is used in … Read more

What is Mango Wood ? 3 Things that make it special

What is Mango Wood

There is an increase in pressure for furniture makers and manufacturers to go green with their products. It’s good news that the world is getting on with sustainability and responsible use of resources. While we still have a long way to go, but at least there are some improvements. One of which is the use of … Read more

5 Of The Best Dowel Jigs For Every Woodworker!

There are various of power tools that you can get. They are a necessary amenity,especially to every DIY warriors out there. With these pieces of equipment, youcan make various applications, ranging from small-scale projects down to largehome renovations. One of the essential power tools that exist today is dowels. They are an allold-school device that allows … Read more

The Best Bow Saws of 2018: A Review of the Top Units

There are multiple applications that require the use of a bow saw. For household applications, this particular tool is necessary for cutting branches and clearing debris. Meanwhile, the best bow saw can do more than this. I mean, their job is still the same, but they can be usable in different functions. Many survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts … Read more