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12 Best Wheelbarrows Buying Guide & Reviews | Compare World’s best WheelBarrows 2019

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What is a wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrow is a simple wheeled carrier used in almost every household to carry stuff and move from one place to another. If you often do garden work, home projects, wheelbarrows are as essential as tools, hardware you use to get work done.

Typically, it is a small metallic or plastic car​rier with a single wheel at the front, two supporting legs wheels in the rear, and two handles above the legs. ​You can also find ​three wheel wheelbarrows, and even four wheel wheelbarrows, which are more like a garden cart or wagon.

​Any wheelbarrow is an essential gardening and construction tool. ​If you want to move wood, cement, dirt, compost ​in your garden, haul sand for a new ​driveway, or mix concrete for a ​porch, the wheelbarrow ​are very essential.

The best wheelbarrow for you depends on what you are going to use it for. The best wheelbarrow ever is only the best if it meets your needs.

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Our Top Wheelbarrow Picks

1.  Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart with 2-in-1 Convertible Handle, 1,200-Pound Capacity, Black

The newly-designed Gorilla Carts 1200-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Poly Garden Dump Cart has an innovative, updated frame design that makes it quick and easy to assemble and put this cart to work. The cart features the patented quick-release dumping system so the cart can be loaded and unloaded with ease, and the balanced 4-wheel design makes it a simple-to-use alternative to a wheelbarrow. The new frame design allows for easy assembly, while improving maneuverability and rigidity, increasing ground clearance, and giving the cart a tight turning radius. The tough and durable poly bed is maintenance-free and easy to clean, and the 13 in. pneumatic tires are designed to handle any terrain whether you’re hauling heavy dirt, mulch, gravel, or plants. The convertible 2-in-1 handle makes it simple to switch between pulling the cart by hand or towing behind a lawn tractor. With a 1,200 lb. hauling capacity, this cart is perfect for any job around the home, garden, or farm. The bed dimensions measure 40-inches by 25-inches, and the cart has an overall height of 26.2-inches and weighs 60-pounds. Gorilla Carts full line of products meets the needs of the light-duty homeowner as well as the commercial-duty professional user by offering a wide variety of carts in different sizes and weight capacities. The Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Garden Dump Cart comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

2. Polar Trailer 8376 Utility Cart, 60 x 27 x 32-Inch 400 Lbs Load Capacity 10 Cubic Feet Tub Spoked-Wheel Tires Rugged Hauling Design, Black 

The Polar Trailer Utility Cart has been engineered to provide you with a rugged and durable tool for hauling everything from rock, mulch, dirt, firewood, leaves, grass clippings, hunting/camping gear, game and so much more. Weighs just 49 lbs. Holds up to 10 cubic feet. Features include a high impact polyethylene tub, ball bearing hubs for smooth operation and 20" spoked wheels with solid rubber tires. Easy to assemble. Overall Dimensions: 65" X 29" X 29".

3. Gorilla Carts GOR800-COM Steel Utility Cart with Removable Sides, 800-lbs. Capacity, Red 

This is 4 wheeled cart, very sturdy to help you move many stuff. The newly-designed Gorilla Carts Steel Utility Cart has been engineered to significantly reduce assembly times, making it quick and easy to put this cart to work. The new frame design improves maneuverability, increases ground clearance, and gives the cart a tighter turn radius, making it easy to move up to 800-pounds for gardening, farming, or any other outdoor jobs. The durable steel bed features removable sides that allow the cart to convert into a flatbed for moving larger materials like 2x4s, tree branches, or fence posts. The 10-inch pneumatic turf tires are designed to tackle any terrain, and the padded grip handle has also been upgraded to make hauling heavy rocks, wood, or plants easy for anyone. Whether you're an experienced farmer, a casual gardener or an occasional do-it-yourselfer, this utility cart will ensure that your outdoor projects go off without a hitch. The bed dimensions measure 38-inches by 21-inches, and the cart has an overall height of 39.6-inches and weighs 45.9-pounds. Gorilla Carts full line of products meets the needs of the light-duty homeowner as well as the commercial-duty professional user by offering a wide variety of carts in many sizes and weight capacities. The Gorilla Carts GOR800 Steel Utility Cart comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

4. WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 2-Wheel Wheelbarrow/Garden Cart/Dolly   

The WORX Aerocart is a multipurpose wheelbarrow and yard cart with the adaptability to convert into a dolly and perform several other uses. The Aerocart has features such as oversized, flat-free tires, fold-out extension arms and durable all-steel construction. The extension arms are used with various innovative accessories to carry flower pots, mulch bags, straw bales and other large, awkward items. In fact, the various accessories and attachments allow the Aerocart to perform the tasks of 8 unique carts: wheelbarrow, hand truck, cylinder holder, potted plant mover, rock lifter, bag holder, trailer mover and extended dolly. The Aerocart has a 300-lb weight capacity and a tub capacity of approximately 3 cubic feet, ideal for moving loads of wood, rocks, bricks, dirt or anything else you may need to haul. The Aerocart weighs around 48 lbs and it’s sturdy enough to tackle most yard jobs you can throw at it. The extension arms can handle loads up to 80 lbs., ideal for moving plants, rocks and other landscaping items. The patented two-wheel design easily adjust its center of gravity making heavy loads more manageable – the Aerocart makes a 200-lb load feel like 17 lbs, so it’s easy on your back and other joints. You’ll get more done in less time.

5. Greenworks GC40L410 40V Garden Cart with 4Ah Battery and Charger  

Haul easily without heavy push as it is baterry operated. Work with fun!
anonymous 5.0 out of 5 stars - FANTASTIC PRODUCT!! Blown away in fact!! October 18, 2017 Style: w/ battery and charger Verified Purchase - "FANTASTIC PRODUCT!! Blown away in fact!! This cart exceeds ALL of our expectations and then some! We pile it high with boxes & assorted bags wrapped in bungee cords to haul stuff up to our mountain cabin, we put two toddlers in with helmets who we usually have to haul in strollers up that enormous hill, we haul all our heavy trash, loads of chopped wood, and 4 large full suitcases! I works like a pro! We got a second battery & charger just in case it ran out of juice on a mile hike filled with stuff, but so far, we've never had to use the second battery - we like having it, and if we ever have to make several trips in a row, at least we'll have the ability to do so. Uses way less battery per run time than we thought. Charges pretty fast too. SUPER EASY to use - you get the hang of it in 2 minutes, and WAY easier than our industrial electric cart that has 4 wheels and was $5000... we find we use this one way more... I rarely write reviews (maybe 6 in the last 10 years!) but we felt we had to give a boost to this awesome company - I am not a paid reviewer (unless you're the company and want to send me some money LOL!) but seriously, we have a close friend who is handicapped, and we were even thinking of finally after all this time letting her come see our cabin in this thing. We are going to stuff it with sleeping bags, strap her in, and give it a try locally first to see if it's too bumpy a ride. maybe the company will consider putting an alternate actual seat since that would make the cheapest electric wheelchair around! But for our purposes, we feel super lucky to have found it. By the way, there are many gadgets for holding the throttle, try KiWAV motorcycle throttle holder. anyway, AWESOME PRODUCT! Thanks GreenWorks!!!!"


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Polar Trailer 8376 Utility Cart, Standard, Black
  • High-impact polyethylene tub is rugged, durable, easy-to-clean, and will never rust
  • 400 lb. working load capacity
  • Solid rubber - 20” spoked wheels will never go flat

Last update on 2024-03-02 at 06:37 PST - Details

WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 Yard Cart / Wheelbarrow / Dolly
  • [200 LBS = 17] The Turbo Lift design provides leverage to transport tremendous loads, making 200 lbs feel like approximately 17 lbs.
  • [8 DIFFERENT CARTS IN 1] It quickly transforms from a lightweight wheelbarrow into a yard cart, bag holder, dolly, extended dolly, cylinder carrier, rock/plant mover & trailer tote
  • [FLAT-FREE TIRES] Always get a smooth ride with these rugged tires that will never need inflating

Last update on 2024-03-02 at 10:27 PST - Details

Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart with...
  • 1200-pound capacity
  • 13-inch pneumatic tires
  • High strength poly bed

Last update on 2024-03-02 at 07:57 PST - Details

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard...
  • The Yard Rover features two, air-filled wheels, making it easier to lift, balance and maneuver.
  • The loop handle allows users to push, pull or dump the contents of the Yard Rover.
  • It features a rust-proof 5-cubic foot poly tray and 300-pound load capacity, perfect for residential use.

Last update on 2024-03-02 at 02:17 PST - Details

No products found.

Greenworks GC40L410 40V Garden Cart with 4Ah Battery and Charger
  • Powered by Green works 40V 4 ahu lithium-ion battery (060-1758) and includes a quick charger that charges the battery in 2 hours
  • Run-time of up to 40 minutes with a max load in ideal conditions (flat grass or pavement)
  • Durable and rust resistant cargo tub with 3.75 cu. ft. capacity and 200 lb. weight capacity

Last update on 2024-03-02 at 07:57 PST - Details

Gorilla Carts 800 Pound Capacity Heavy Duty Steel Mesh Versatile...
  • Spacious Heavy-Duty Cart: Tough lawn-and-garden cart offers an 800-pound capacity and plenty of space for you to store all essentials like tools and other yard necessities
  • Innovative Yard Cart: Large utility wagon includes removable side panels that allow it to quickly convert into a flatbed cart for extra hauling versatility to save time and reduce fatigue
  • Stable Utility Wagon with Wheels: Garden cart features 10-inch pneumatic tires and balanced 4-wheel stability that makes it able to tackle heavy landscaping or yard projects, making it easy to steer

Last update on 2024-03-02 at 17:41 PST - Details

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow...
  • MULTIPURPOSE GARDEN CART: Deep wheelbarrow holds up to 5 cubic feet of soil, bricks, mulch, gravel, and more, so you can conveniently carry out landscaping and other home improvement projects
  • 2-WHEEL DESIGN: Built with inflatable, 13-inch rubber wheels for a sturdy build that makes it easy to steer the cart on various terrains
  • VERSATILE HANDLEBAR: Thick, padded handlebar doubles as a stand for idle use and makes moving the wheelbarrow easy and comfortable

Last update on 2024-03-02 at 02:17 PST - Details

Smart Garden SLC450 FBA_JEN-1668, Black, Size Cart
  • Positive locks wheel hub caps
  • Fully assembled- bring home and start working
  • Easy to lift and dump

Last update on 2024-03-02 at 05:17 PST - Details

Step2 534800 Garden Hopper, 1, Green and Tan
  • The Step2 Garden Hopper is a mobile work seat and storage area that provides you with comfort and easy access to tools while you take care of the yard
  • By sitting on the seat of this gardening product, you're able to weed and trim without putting pressure on your knees
  • Molded-in seat handle for easy transport

Last update on 2024-03-02 at 05:17 PST - Details

Polar Trailer 7 Cubic Foot Heavy Duty Utility Yard Garden Cart...
  • High-impact polyethylene tub is rugged, durable, easy-to-clean, and will never rust
  • 10-minute assembly
  • All-steel frame with powder coat finish resistant to rusting

Last update on 2024-03-02 at 03:57 PST - Details

  Accessories for Wheelbarrows | For your Gardens, projects

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