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How Signal Boosters Add Value to Your Home | How to increase home value

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Many factors boosting your home value

Adding value to your home is always great. With the housing market rising, it is a great idea to be selling and buying one. But can investing in smart devices add value to your home?

Smart home technology can make a house a better and more comfortable living space, thus increasing the value of a house in the real estate market. Smart home technology can also help a household lessen energy consumption as the gadgets are more efficient power users. Investing in smart home technology is a must if you want to boost how much your house is valued.

Also, the rise of “work from home” environments affects the value of a house. If a house is not equipped with smart home technology, many buyers will less value it. For them to be able to work at home, a house needs to be smarter.

According to Securitysales.com:

TraQline’s inaugural survey found that 69% of households reported owning a smart product. Further, 35% of consumers reported having bought a smart product within the past six months. Internet-connected homes in the United States have gone beyond niche early adopters, with the majority (56%) of consumers reporting they feel comfortable with IoT technology, according to a new smart home survey by TraQline.

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Other takeaways from the survey include:

  • The top three factors that influence a consumer’s smart product purchase are price (68%), ease of use (50%), and security concerns (37%)
  • 39% of consumers surveyed indicate that they plan to purchase a smart thermostat within the next six months
  • 44% of consumers intend to purchase a smart home security camera
  • 40% of smart products are used two or more times a day.

The survey is said to provide additional usage and attitudes for 27 different categories, measuring attributes such as: why people purchase, who in household uses smart functions, type of devices controlled by Alexa and Google, importance of smart home features, features desired, and more.

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Smart home devices are becoming cheaper, abundant and very easy to use. So, the adoption of this flourishing technology will rise. For now, may be many homeowners have questions and may ask themselves; ‘does installing smart devices add value to the property price?’ From buyers and renter’s perspective, according to survey, they certainly seem to believe that smart home increases house price and makes community safe. According to Barclays Mortgages, 28% of buyers would happily fork out some extra sum of money if a potential property was equipped with the latest digital home technology!

Valuable Investment

How Signal Boosters Add Value to Your Home

However, having all the smart home gadgets installed in your home can’t help you if, inside the house, there is a weak and slow cell signal reception. That is why cellular signal boosters such as the weBoost Connect 4G units are also important. Here are some ways in which signal boosters can add value to your home.

Eliminate Black Spots

Inside a home, there are places called black spots. These are locations where there is little to no cell signal reception. When this happens, a smart home will have a problem with connectivity. It will become a hassle to close the garage door when you are in the kitchen because the signal can’t go through.

Cellular signal boosters are designed to capture strong cell signal from the outside and amplify the signal before rebroadcasting it inside the home. With this technology, every corner of the house will have strong cell signal reception, allowing the owners the convenience to control and connect to their smart devices anywhere inside.

Have a Wide Coverage Area

Some signal boosters are designed to cover an area of up to five thousand square feet. It can cover multiple floors, making sure that cell reception in the first floor of the home is as strong as in the second floor and in the garden.

With a large coverage area, cell signal boosters will allow homeowners to install smart devices around the house, the garden, and even in the garage. A smarter home will be a more convenient home and will result to a rise of the home value.

Support Major Carriers in the USA and Canada

One major problem in houses today is that some houses are located in an area where cell signal for certain carriers are weak. However, with the help of a cell signal booster, this problem can be remedied instantly.

Choose cell signal boosters that support all major carriers in the USA and Canada, including AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, AllTel, T-Mobile, and more. Even when the signal is weak, the booster will amplify it to make it strong enough to support a smart home.

Smart Home = Smart Work

Smarter homes are considered more valuable by the real estate market. The automation of gadgets and connectivity add more security, convenience, and comfort. Thus, a smarter home makes a house a better place to live and even work in.

According to sellhousefast.uk  

It was revealed that ‘video doorbells/security systems’ is the smart technology that most appeals to Brits, with 47% planning to purchase either one or both within the next two years. Heating thermostats from established brands such as ‘Hive’ and ‘Nest’, which permit users to wirelessly adjust heating and water temperatures, gained a 43% of approval from Brits wanting to install one in the upcoming two years.

Rooms best suited for smart home technology

  • Lounge
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Hallway
  • Garage

Other factors boosting your home value includes

Lists of Top selling Smart Home gadgets according to Amazon [as of date 4/4/2019 and this may change according to date]

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