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How to Take Care of Your Outdoor Furniture | Tips for long lasting furniture – Updated lists

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Every home with a beautiful yard deserves the comfort and aesthetic value that outdoor furniture pieces can provide. Seating options, tables, and other outdoor furniture items can create the perfect setting for making wonderful memories with the family. 

Thus, investing in functional and high-quality pieces is a wise idea. That way, the outdoor space becomes a family bonding, meditation, entertainment, and relaxation area. 

People buy furniture online or in physical furniture shops. When shopping for the best furniture for your patio, deck, or open landscape garden, it’s wise to keep in mind design, material, durability, and purpose. 

Like other homeowners, you probably have some outdoor furniture pieces you want to last amid the harsh elements. But how do you take care of them to ensure they’ll last a lifetime?

How to Take Care of Your Outdoor Furniture

You purchased the best home outdoor furniture, and you never care too much about it because you were told that all the pieces are made of a super-strong material, which is resistant to everything nature throws to them.
Although it is true outdoor furniture is made to last for long, it doesn't mean that it is not prone to damage. If you have not been maintaining yours, take a closer look at those tables and chairs, and you will certainly notice some signs of wear and tear.
Outdoor furniture is an investment that should be protected at all costs. To help you do this, below are some maintenance tips that will help keep your pieces functional and as good as new for a long time.

✔    Maintaining plastic outdoor furniture

plastic furniture

Most homeowners prefer plastic outdoor furniture because it is highly affordable, and doesn’t need a lot of work as far as maintenance is concerned. If you have plastic chairs and tables sprucing up your outdoor space, all you need is a mixture of warm water and baking soda, and a soft sponge which you will use to sanitize them with ease.
Also, you need to remember that plastic furniture is prone to mildew and mold. Therefore, regularly introduce four parts of water and one part of bleach for white-coloured furniture. For other colors, the bleach can be replaced with vinegar.

✔    Maintaining wooden furniture

wooden furniture

Wooden furniture has also become a darling for many homeowners, thanks to the antique look they bring to the outdoor space, and the fair price that comes with it. To maintain wooden pieces, all you need is a soapy solution. Spray it evenly, and clean the pieces with a clean cloth.
If you are dealing with dirt and dirt, jet washing can do the trick of keeping your wooden furniture looking as good as new every day. For teak furniture, use a blend of water and laundry detergent.

Routine outdoor furniture cleaning must be done at least four times a year, at the start and end of summer and twice in between seasons. This is the best cleaning schedule to keep your furniture in good condition.

Applying a good sealant is advisable if you’re moving furniture from indoors to outdoors. Outdoor furniture sealant can help protect solid wood furniture pieces against ultraviolet rays, mildew, and mold. Therefore, expect longer-lasting wooden chairs and tables for warmly welcoming and entertaining family and friends.

✔    Maintaining metallic furniture

metalic furniture

The reason why homeowners will go for metallic furniture, despite being pricey is because they are assured of durability. This type of furniture can withstand any weather, and can also withhold lots of other natural and artificial elements. Nonetheless, without regular care, metallic pieces will not glitter for long, and they might compromise the overall look of your outdoor space instead of complementing it.

✔    Maintaining Fabric covers

fabric cover

Don’t forget that your fabric covers are prone to more damage than other materials; thus taking care of them should be at the helm of your priority list. Regular machine washing will work best for them.

To shine back to your wrought iron and metal furniture, a mixture of a mild dishwashing solution and warm water is all you need. This will clean out stains and minor wear and tear. Use a brush to scrub off the dirt, and then rinse with clean water. Before you expose the cleaned furniture to sunlight, make sure you use a clean cloth to dry off the water.
If you any signs of rust in your furniture, you should not ignore it because it could be a red sign that major damage is about to occur. Therefore, take care of it quickly before it escalates into a crisis. You can do this using fine sandpaper, and after the rust is gone, apply a primer.

Before you buy outdoor furniture, make sure you first analyze the condition s in your location. If you proceed without doing so, you may buy pieces that will force you to adopt a regular maintenance program. Also, don't forget to buy the top-quality pieces you can afford. When buying outdoor mattresses, for example, weigh various options and go for the best mattress price. When you finally have the right furniture for your needs, use the maintenance tips above, and you can rest assured that it will offer you a diligent service for several seasons.

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