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Crucial Tips to Stay Safe While Working With a Dump Truck

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​Learn How to Stay Safe wh​en Working With ​any Dump Truck

Dump trucks are commonly used in construction sites. Citing the size of a dump truck, it is understood that operating a dump truck is no easy job. If not managed the right way, a dump truck can lead to severe accidents. These accidents can be fatal or leave the person handicapped for life.

Operating a real dump truck is far from running a toy truck. The truck can tip over all of a sudden or can lose its balance while unloading. This is probably how a majority of accidents happen, some of which are deadly.

It will be an exaggeration if we say that all accidents can be avoided. We are not claiming that all of them can be avoided, but we can definitely suggest some tips that will help you stay safe the next time you go out to operate a massive dump truck -

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Don’t overload it 

​​Overloading a dump truck can lead to accidents. It may be quite tempting to pile the dump truck with whatever you're transporting into the truck bed; it is essential to make sure that the truck is not loaded beyond the limit. 

Overloading the dump truck makes the distribution of weight uneven thus, making it hazardous for the driver. The truck will work safely only when it is allowed to. Overloading the truck or pushing it beyond the limits, in any case, can result in unexpected events.

Wear the right clothes 

Even if in some cases the truck meets with an accident or breaks down, the driver can be safe if they are wearing the right clothes and safety equipment.

Once you are done making sure that all the parts of the truck are in place and working correctly, you should proceed to check if you are wearing the right clothes or not. The clothing should be protective and preferably include a reflective vest.  Wear a hard hat and cover your feet adequately with sturdy footwear.

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Perform daily maintenance checks 

A simple test on the dump truck is mandatory before getting started. The driver should carefully evaluate the dumper truck and look for any signs of damage. 

All the tires of the dump truck should be in good condition. The windshield should be clean.

The next step is to see if the truck's lights such as the headlights and taillights are working fine or not. The dump bed should be operating without any problems. Finally, take a look at the brakes and backup alarm as well.

Avoid operating alone 

Dump truck drivers often feel that they are qualified enough to run the dump truck bodies alone, but it is recommended that they don’t.

Irrespective of the experience a dump truck driver has, they should avoid attempting to operate the dump truck alone. It is good to have a partner acting as a spotter especially while maneuvering around a work site. The other driver must also help with other procedures like loading.

Be on level ground before unloading

Balance is one of the crucial factors when it comes to avoiding accidents with a dump truck. A lot of drivers forget to be on the level ground before they start unloading. 

Unloading the dump truck just about anywhere leads to unexpected results. The unlevelled ground makes the truck less stable as the driver lifts the causing it to tip over. The driver must keep in mind that the longer the truck bed is, the easier it is to tip the truck.

Hence, the next time you unload you should preferably look for firmly packed soil or gravel. Apart from that, it is essential that the driver does not drive the truck with a raised bed. The bed must be flat while driving. Otherwise, it could ram into power lines or anything else at a height.

The load must be distributed evenly 

Unevenly distributed weight often causes the dump truck bodies to lose balance. The load must be centered between the rails of the truck bed. This improves stability and makes sure that the truck is as stable as possible. The center of gravity must be centered. Ignoring something which is as insignificant as low tire pressure or a dip in the ground can create an upheaval with the truck's balance. 

Install a truck bed liner 

Another critical point to ensure that the dump truck works well is to install a truck bed liner. Drivers and dump body manufacturers often skip the step, leading to unexpected results.

The bed of the dump truck must have a truck body liner so that the load is able to flow out evenly while getting deposited. This provides the truck with an added balance and does not let it trip. Additionally, it helps prevent the load from getting stuck while unloading.

Clear the area of people or any other obstacles before driving 


Finally, it is essential that area is clear of any obstructions or people while the truck is being operated. Does not matter how experienced the driver is, some accidents cannot be avoided. Thus, always make sure that you perform a safety check before you start dumping the load. 

Request the people to move to a safe distance before starting to unload the dump truck. The situation becomes a bit more critical if you are using a remote control to operate the truck bed.

Video on  Dump Trucks: Don't Dump Safety Part 1 below

Thus, these were the top eight ways to make sure that your dump truck works well and does not meet any unforeseen accidents. Accidents cannot be avoided altogether. You don't know if your truck will be able to maintain its balance or not, but you can increase the safety factor and save your own life. Apart from the above tips, do make sure that the dump truck is in excellent condition when you buy it from someone. Second-hand dump trucks can have unexpected issues leading to accidents. Have a clear conversation with the dump body manufacturer beforehand. Be careful and stay safe.