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Benefits Of High Bed Base & Low Bed Base | How To Choose Perfect Mattress For Both

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Pros & Cons of High Bed and Low Bed Frames

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On average, an individual spends approximately a 100 days or more sleeping in bed every year; and, this does not include the time a person spends simply lying on their bed, watching Netflix or reading.

Hence it is highly pertinent that people give their full attention when selecting a new bed. It is the little details in the selection of best mattresses and beds that lead up to a good night’s sleep which ultimately add up to a better ‘you’ in the morning.

A peaceful sleep at night can help aid a person function more effectively in their day to day tasks. The wrong bed can lead to a lack of sleep, sore muscles, and back aches. Therefore, it can be critical to ignore something as mundane as the height of a bed.

High Bed Base Benefits | Pros Of High Bed Frames

High Bed Frame

A high bed base never goes out of style – it is a classic. The buyer has minimal regret if he becomes a spendthrift on selecting an adjustable bed frame or the best types of beds. Plus, the bigger height of the bed makes it easier for anyone to wake up and get out of bed without having to struggle to turn off their alarm clocks before putting on one’s strategically placed slippers. Moreover, having a high bed base makes it easier for a person to clean. One can use their vacuum cleaners to get all the dust settled under the bed. Also, with a high bed base, there is more room for storage. One gets to keep all the miscellaneous items beneath the bed; this may sound like a huge benefit to all those who are short on closet space.

High Bed Base | Cons Of High Bed Frames

High Bed

Simultaneously, a high bed base is more likely to make a small room look awkwardly smaller. Along with that, if a person is a restless sleeper and tends to move around in their bed during their sleep, the fall from the bed may be painful (depending on the height). And, with a high bed base, it is harder for pets or kids to get onto the bed; this, however, totally depends on every individual if this a good or a bad thing.

Low Bed Base Benefits | Pros Of Low Bed Frames

Low Bed Base

On the other side of the coin, there are low bed base for individuals who want a completely different feel. The benefits of a low bed base are all about aesthetics. A low bed base offers a timeless look and a minimalistic style in the room. Another aesthetically pleasing benefit to a lower bed is that you don’t need a bed skirt. It makes the room appear more spacious. It is a less bulky bed and can be moved around in different sides of the room if one is not satisfied with its positioning. We still don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, but if it makes you feel better, it’s completely safe to sleep with your pet.

Because it’s so low to the ground, it makes the room seem more spacious. Typically, a low bed is less bulky. Lastly, it is easier for kids or pets to hop on (again, this totally depends on each and every individual whether they like this feature or not). An adjustable bed frame is easy for kids and pets to hop into and out of. Reminiscent of Grandma’s house or a very old bed and breakfast, bed skirts have no place on a minimal bed frame.

Low Bed Base | Cons Of Low Bed Frames

Low Bed

Concomitantly, a low bed base lacks the feature of storage space offered by a high bed base. Additionally, there is the added discomfort of accumulating dust under the bed that cannot be easily removed. And, if a person is a germaphobe, then a low bed base is a nightmare. Lastly, the low height can be a source of discomfort for all those who will have to crouch down to get on to the bed that may aggravate their sore back.

Mattress Selection For High Bed Frames Or Low Bed Frames

Mattress Sale

In selecting the best bed, the mattress selection is also important. One must go for back-friendly mattresses whose depth is neither too much or not too less but fits perfectly with the frame of the bed. 

For a low bed base, an extra thick mattress is usually recommended to complement comfort and aesthetics. And vice versa, if a higher bed base is selected.

The size of the room must be kept in mind to ensure that the aesthetics of the room complement with the size and height of the bed. All in all, individuals can select either of a high bed base or a low bed base depending on the level of comfort they want, the age and height of the individuals themselves, the kind of aesthetics they want, and the type of mattresses chosen.

Is a low or high bed better?

Yes, which really depends on the person using it, his or her health situations and preferences.
Taller individuals may like high bed base or high bed frames with firm mattress without having to crouch. So one should consider a lower or higher bed primarily based on height, preferences, family situations and your health status but also on the look and feel of the bed as compared to your own design aesthetic.

What is the ideal height of bed from floor?

The average bed height today is about 25 inches. At this height, your feet can reach the floor when you're seated on the edge of the mattress. Also nowadays, modern platform bed is typically only about 18 inches high and consider mattress on top of this.

Does bed height affect sleep? Bed Height and Bedroom Style

Yes, bed height affect sleep. As mentioned above, average bed height today is about 25 inches, modern platform bed is typically only about 18 inches high. While a lower bed gives the appearance of more space, a taller bed looks more cohesive in a room with high ceilings.

Why is my bed so comfortable?

A lower bed is minimal in appearance and delivers a timeless style. Its much more about your body posture, your sleep quality, mattress and bed setup. It could also be that your bed is so much more comfortable during the early hours, is simply because your body isn't aware that it needs to be awake yet. Sleep quality, erratic bed times can cause more chaos than we're often aware of.

YouTube Video On Adjustable Base Bed Benefits

Conclusion On Which Bed Base Type To Choose

High Bed Base

It’s really depends on your needs, health situation, room size and preferences. We already discussed above, all the pros & cons of high bed base and low bed base.

As you saw YouTube video above, there are something called adjustable beds as well.

Now we know many benefits and some cons of a high versus low bed base, YOU need to decision so that you and your family gets an awesome good night's sleep.

If you're in the market for a new bed, Ecosa’s memory foam mattress is designed to rest on any surface, high or low, king size or single. For the perfect mix of elevation, minimal style and ample storage space, the brand new Ecosa bed base is the whole package. 





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