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Telescopic Handlers and Aerial Platforms: when to use them

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In various sectors, specific tasks require the use of advanced lifting equipment such as telescopic handlers and aerial platforms. Let’s explore in detail the contexts where these are particularly useful.


What are elevator?

Recent technological innovations have led to the development of cutting-edge machinery and solutions aimed primarily at simplifying work in certain fields. This simplification also refers to the ability to improve working conditions and prevent accidents. Unfortunately, workplace accident statistics remain high, which is why it’s crucial to comply with regulations and choose machinery that optimizes safety. Among these are lifts, which are industrial vehicles that can lift significant loads or create a safer and more comfortable work platform for technicians and employees of various kinds. There are essentially two types: telescopic handlers and aerial work platforms. Telescopic handlers are more suitable for moving heavy objects at height, perhaps during logistics activities near a warehouse. Aerial platforms, on the other hand, are structures that allow for the creation of a safe work surface for performing tasks at height. Aerial platforms can be scissor lifts, off-road scissor lifts, or self-propelled and telescopic platforms. There are different types to choose the one best suited to one’s activities.

Telescopic Handlers
Telescopic Handlers

When elevator are Indispensable

Whether it’s telescopic handlers or aerial platforms, these machines simplify work and make it safer. To access such results, it is essential to turn to a serious and reliable company like Magni TH. This historic company specializes in the design and manufacture of next-generation telescopic handlers and aerial platforms. These are made with state-of-the-art materials and use advanced technologies to optimize efficiency and reliability. Moreover, these products perfectly combine the craftsmanship that has always been Magni TH’s hallmark with the innovations that are constantly introduced in this sector.

These machines can be used in many sectors. Firstly, telescopic handlers are crucial within a storage warehouse to perform the correct handling of goods, even those that are quite heavy. Goods can be moved vertically as well as horizontally. This reduces employee fatigue and minimizes the risk of injuries. Magni TH 360 telehandlers are also useful for other activities such as an industrial relocation or for moving materials at height on a construction site. With these solutions, work is simplified and, above all, sped up because it will take very little time to move materials to a specific floor to complete an operation, such as laying a floor, for example.

Remaining in the field of construction, aerial platforms are very important for performing certain high-altitude tasks. Consider, for instance, the refurbishment of a building’s external facade or the installation of roofs and perimeter thermal insulation. Aerial platforms are also indispensable for performing tree pruning of tall trees. The operator can safely handle a chainsaw and other tools while comfortably performing the task. There is thus an impact in terms of safety but also in terms of the quality of work performed. Aerial platforms are also essential for companies that perform maintenance of public lighting, generally take care of the maintenance of green spaces, and for any kind of work performed at height. To simplify and make some work interventions safer, it is essential to have very useful machinery like telescopic handlers and aerial platforms. Turning to a specialized brand like Magni TH ensures maximum feedback in terms of efficiency and reliability and also the possibility to choose from a wide range of models that vary in capacity and technical characteristics.






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