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Top 5 Factors to Consider Before You Buy Wallpaper

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Things You Must Consider Before Buy a Wallpaper

wallpaper with pictures

wallpaper with pictures

You should consider the type of room and its aesthetics before reaching to a conclusion about a wallpaper. Wallpapering has become a common and cost-effective method to remodel the walls of your home. The selections are endless when it comes to wallpaper. It’s challenging to choose the one that best expresses your personal style and individuality. You want to make the best decision for this investment. Here are some important considerations for choosing the right wallpaper for decorations that suits you and your home in every aspect.

Wall Art decor

Wall Art decor

Buy a Wallpaper Guidance

1. The layout of the Room

Wall Decor For Bedroom

Wall Decor For Bedroom

Consider the layout of the room. Many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong Pattern for their walls. If there is a large wall area that’s empty, installing wallpaper is worth the investment. But if there are a lot of windows, and most of your wall space is covered by large pieces of art, the wallpaper will not make the right impact. The purpose of the room also matters a lot when choosing a wallpaper. For instance, if you are considering to have a wallpaper in your bedroom, choose the patterns and colors, giving a calming and relaxing effect. For a living room, you can go for brighter shades. Select according to the room purpose and the atmosphere you want to create.


2. Coverage of the Wallpaper

Consider how you will use the wallpaper in your room. You can either use a wooden wallpaper to feature one wall or cover all four walls with an elegant pattern. Opt for the simpler, classic designs to give a trendy twist to all the walls of your room. However, you can opt for a bold, dramatic pattern to highlight an area of a room while keeping the rest of the sides plain. Wallpaper can also be featured on your ceiling to give it a classy glamorous touch while layers the walls with a simpler pattern.


3. Backing Paper



Once you have finalized the color and pattern, choose the right type of backing paper. Quality and type of backing wallpaper determine how long the wallpaper will stay on your walls. That is because it holds the wallpaper to the wall. The ideal type of backing paper is the non-woven one. It enables you to trip off the wallpaper easily whenever you want to change. You don’t need additional adhesive to paste the wallpaper on a non-woven backing paper, making the installation pretty easier.


4. Measure Your Walls

Determine how much wallpaper is required to cover your walls. Measure the surface area by measuring the length and width of each wall and then multiplying the two dimensions. Deduct the measurements of windows and doors. While purchasing the wallpaper roll, check how much coverage it gives. Make sure the roll coverage is more than required by your wall. Purchase all the rolls with the same batch number so that there is no change in shades. Therefore, always determine the square foot coverage before purchasing a wallpaper roll.


5. Flat or Textured Wallpaper Patterns

one side unique wallpaper

one side unique wallpaper

Flat or textured wallpapers reflect your personal preference. Generally, textured patterns look more casual, while flat designs can better transform a wall. However, textured wallpapers can seamlessly cover the imperfections of your walls while giving them some dimensions. Patterns of textured wallpapers are less detailed, while flat patterns have more detail-oriented designs. Use a wall liner as a base layer before installing a flat wallpaper if your wall needs extra coverage.



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