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Why Use A Wok Instead Of A Frying Pan?

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Advantages Of  Why Use A Wok Instead Of A Frying Pan

Why Use A Wok Instead Of A Frying Pan

Why Use a Wok Instead of a Frying Pan

People love to cook. Cooking is a crucial thing to do in the entire life of a human being. Without cooking, we will live like a caveman. Cooking makes raw food amazing. If we cook the food ingredient, we will have got delicious and tasty food. Moreover, some food needs to cook well.

In order to have wonderful food, you need the greatest cooking tools. There are some of them. In fact, they will evolve day after day, time after time. Scientists and metallurgical engineers work so hard to create new material and stuff. They want to give you the best tools.


More about Why Use A Wok Instead Of A Frying Pan

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Some people do not have any idea about Why Use A Wok Instead Of A Frying Pan . Well, this article is going to talk about it. A wok is a fantastic thing to have. You will read good information about it below. It is quite new in the group of cooking utensils in the last two decades.

Actually, this will replace the frying pan. Wok is more durable and it will not rust. Yes, it is non-rustic. It is very strong. Possibly, the lifespan of its kind will way longer than yours. It is almost bulletproof. It is also fireproof. It can pass the heat perfectly from the stove. I like it very much.

The best thing that people or chefs should know is that Why Use A Wok Instead Of A Frying Pan , Best Carbon Steel Wok cannot be argued. The wok is more efficient than a regular frying pan. This cooking vessel is originally from China for a long time ago. The designer is very smart. The concave shape will make the heat from the stove be efficiently spread.


What To Do With a Wok?

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It will keep the food inside. You can fry, stir fry, boil, steam, burn, roast, bake, and similar cooking techniques with a wok. Some say that it is way better than the modern-day frying pan. Wok is unarguably old-school but efficient. The more you use it the more you like it.

A wok can be built by using the best material i.e. metal. This planet supplies us with a bunch of metal that is useful for making cooking utensils such as wok. It is interesting. Some engineers make it from meteorite. Wok has been invented by the great chef in Han dynasty.

Some say that the chef got I spired by a crate of a volcano. He then tried to make the small version of the crate. He made a thing that later he called it “wok”. He made it. He could cook more food in one place. The heat of the fire will spread throughout the wok more efficiently.

You cannot do that with a normal frying pan. A regular frying pan is not big enough to cook more food. Moreover, the heat of the stove cannot spread fully. You waste heat energy. It will not happen if you use a wok to cook. I suggest you use wok instead of a regular frying pan.


The Kinds of Wok Based on the Materials

Normally, wok makers will use bronze or copper. Those two metals are very ideal for making cooking tools. Copper and bronze will not rust like iron. They do not need Teflon to coat on. They are not poisonous. They can spread the energy of fire perfectly.

Possibly, you will find clay wok in the kitchen of a great chef in China or in a Chinese restaurant. Clay is also good to make a wok. The best clay in the world is located in Java Island and Tibet. Tibet has got black clay which is very good to handle heat. Moreover, it produces clay aroma.

While Java Island has got reddish brown clay which is very durable and has got clay aroma too. If you use clay wok, your food will absorb the natural fragrance of the clay which is good to add some smell and even taste. Even the clay wok makers will cover the pores with some herbs.

Another material which is good to make wok is titanium. Even though it is very expensive, but you get the very high quality of the finest wok. Notwithstanding, people have got their own interests. Some of them love clay wok, and some others love titanium or bronze or copper wok.

The most important is that you pay attention to the fore in your stove. Temperature plays an important role in cooking. The perfect temperature will make your food delicious. Each food needs different temperatures. It will not work if you get wrong in adjusting the temperature.

If I were you, I would use a wok rather than a general Why Use A Wok Instead Of A Frying Pan . In fact, I cannot cook safely with a regular pan. It is not as big as a wok. I find it difficult to put everything neatly in one pan. It is too small for me. A wok is very big. Meaning, it can handle huge amounts of food.

Make sure you buy a perfect wok in a great store. I suggest you buy it in China. Nonetheless, if you want to found it in America, Indonesia, or Taiwan, then go for it. Remember one thing, check the whole wok. Make sure there is no crack. Be careful in choosing the best one.

A wok can last more than fifty years. If you use titanium wok, it will last almost for good. I myself prefer bronze to titanium. I like the way it looks. If you want to have a bigger wok, you can make it custom. Find a local wok master to help you build one. Size does matter my pal?


Go Buy The Best Wok!

Get up and find the nearest wok store to find the right one. Cook the best food that you can. Cooking with a wok is easier and faster than by using a normal frying pan. Big restaurants commonly use a wok instead of frying pan.

Here Is A Video For You To Learn More About Choosing A Wok





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