Finding The Very Best Tap And Die Set

I’m a fairly handy homeowner, with a good set of the usual sorts of tools; I’ve had a friendly acquaintance with wrenches, players, hammers, screwdrivers, and more for many years. But until very recently, I’d never heard of a tap and die set. I had a handmade coffee table that was put together with nuts and … Read more

Searching For The Best Radio For Your Jobsite

Whether you work in construction, work outside with heavy machinery, or are looking for a radio that will withstand sawdust and other materials in your workshop, you should be looking for a high quality jobsite radio. Unlike home portable stereo systems, radios made for the jobsite are more durable, have better protection for their internal … Read more

Storm doors; how to properly install one

A lot of home owners these days prefer handling their own DIY home maintenance and upgrade projects as opposed to hiring professionals. In cases where the task at hand is installing a storm door, a variety of specialized tools and skills come into play. Storm doors require proper installation if they are to serve their … Read more

Paint brush cleaning techniques

Paint brushes are a must have item in every DIY home owner’s garage. It doesn’t make much sense; financially speaking, having to buy new paint brushes every time you embark on a home painting project. To this end, it is important to know the basics on how to clean paint brushes after use; something most … Read more