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10 Amazing Quartz Bathroom Countertops and Vanity Designs for Your Home

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Bathroom vanity designs Using Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Quartz Countertops

 Finalizing the materials and designs while renovating your home is always a big task. Even if you take the help of a decorator, there are too many decisions that you need to take on your own to get things done in the right manner. Some of these include choosing the right worktop and countertop for your kitchen, bathroom, designing your vanity, and more.

If you have decided to go for quartz bathroom countertops, here are some ideas that you need to check out for your bathroom and vanity: -


1.     Quietly glamorous design

This unique design has a combination of white quartz and white cabinets with wooden flooring. The mirror area is well lit-up with multiple lights to give you a star-like feel. If you go for this design, try to find curtains that match well with the floor to get the perfect look.


2.     Slab countertop

What makes this design different is the thick slab that has been used without any additional design. There is no cavity made for basins; rather, they have been placed on the top. This makes the bathroom appear larger, and there is no need for cuts, joints or any ugly marks on the surface.


3.     Marble look

No one can deny the fact that marble looks beautiful in bathrooms, but it is difficult to be used there. However, some quartz worktops can also give your bathroom the look of beautiful marble. Just make sure that you use all-white combinations with it so that the beauty of the countertop does not get hidden.


4.     Elegant style

This bathroom is a traditional combination of light and dark colors that have been mixed in a perfect way to make your bathroom look spacious and beautiful. Usually, the countertop is white, and the cabinets are of black or dark brown color. The tiles used in this bathroom should be of light color, and a shiny surface would be a bonus for the look.


5.     Quiet appeal

This design is perfect for those who are fans of monochrome decor styles. The entire bathroom has shades of white including tiles, walls, cabinets, countertops, decorative items and more. The metallic finish has been used in the cabinets and other areas, and yellow lights are added near the mirror.


6.     Classic design

This one has a combination of light grey and white colors with the traditional wooden flooring. The quartz worktops that are chosen here have the look of a marble as it is practically not possible to use marble in bathrooms. Antique lamp holders are used in this bathroom for the lights to enhance the beauty of the design and give it the correct classic feel.


7.     Floating counter

This is a contemporary quartz bathroom countertops idea that does not have any base to the surface. The material is directly fixed to the wall with ample space under the surface to let you organize your belongings in the way you like. Prefer going for black color for the countertop in this theme to give a royal and majestic look to your contemporary bathroom.


8.     Black and white design

This color combination can be used for both traditional and modern bathroom designs because of its flexibility and beauty. Prefer going for white countertops in this as then you will have multiple designs to experiment with the look of your bathroom in black and white colors.


9.     Warm contrast

This theme uses unusual contrasting colors to give your bathroom a modern look. This can include any two colors that give a warm appeal. Besides your chosen two colors, prefer going for white fitting so that the beauty of the colors is not hidden with any additional color.


10.   Contemporary style

This style is a bit similar to the floating design as the cabinets are not attached to the ground. There are cabinets under the surface of the countertop, but there is a space over the ground. Prefer using black countertops with brown wooden cabinets and a light color for the tiles to get the complete and beautiful look in your kitchen.

You have a list of some of the most beautiful styles and designs that you can choose for your bathrooms. Use this reference guide and make your bathroom look stylish and beautiful with the help of quartz worktops.


Beautiful Quartz Bathroom Countertops | Illustrated Pictures

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

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Quartz Bathroom Countertops


Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Vanity Bathroom

Quartz Bathroom Countertops




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