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5 Sporty Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

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Is your boring backyard keeping you from enjoying it? It’s time to make a change. There are a ton of sporty backyard Landscaping Ideas, such as Backyard Sports Courts, playsets, etc., to turn your lackluster backyard into a fun, active space you can enjoy anytime you want. 

Landscaping Ideas
Landscaping Ideas

Let’s upgrade your backyard game and create a space that reflects your active lifestyle: 


Basketball court or sports court: 

Home sports and basketball courts are attractive backyard additions for various reasons. They can be used for basketball, dodgeball, and any other activity requiring smooth concrete. If you have a spacious backyard, consider a full-court Basketball Court 60 feet by 90 feet. However, for smaller areas, a 30-foot x 50-foot half-court can be just as enjoyable. The court itself could be constructed of poured concrete. 

Traditionally, this is the most popular option. However, co-polymer tiles and rubberized Plexipave materials can now be used. When establishing a basketball court, you should also consider the time of day you intend to play the most. This will allow you to position it to avoid shooting directly into the sun. You should also trim any low-lying tree branches that can interfere with your shoot.

Basketball court
Basketball court


Everyone loves trampolines. They’re plenty of fun and provide excellent workouts. Best of all, they are simple to install and do not take up much space. In reality, the largest trampolines are just approximately 14 feet in diameter, making them suitable for backyards of any size.

Unfortunately, grass does not thrive below trampolines due to a lack of sunlight. So, if you choose an above-ground trampoline, you need to plan and prepare the space ahead of time by putting gravel or decomposed granite.

An in-ground trampoline may also be an excellent choice. Not only will it be safer because it is lower to the ground, but it will also be easier and more likely to be used. In addition, an in-ground trampoline eliminates the need for unattractive safety nets. In fact, you can dig a small hole and surround it with natural grasses to keep it almost totally hidden.


Bocce Ball: 

Despite its origins in Italy, bocce ball is gaining popularity in the United States. To reduce bounce, the long, narrow court should be built of sand, decomposed granite, or crushed oyster shell. These materials also do not require water, which is beneficial in the California environment.

The regular bocce ball court spans 90 feet by 13 feet, making it ideal for long and narrow or short and wide backyards. You can shrink the court to 60 feet, depending on your seriousness about the game. Appropriate drainage is required to avoid puddling on the court, just as it is with in-ground trampolines. Crushed gravel, French drains, perforated pipes, and canvas sleeves work well.

When it comes to sports court installation, you can use concrete blocks or rail ties 12-18 inches in height to form the perimeter walls. Whether you choose the backyard or a side yard, you can have it ready to start playing bocce ball.


Hobbit House: 

A hobbit house is a residence built in or covered with earth to provide insulation. On the exposed side of the house, a wall of windows lets in plenty of natural light. A well-designed hobbit house can be quite energy efficient. They are also really great for anyone who has a small backyard. These sturdy homes can have your patio, playground, or storage sheds on your roof.


Putting Greens: 

A backyard putting green will not help you burn many calories, but it will improve your golf game and provide you with something to do at all times. They, like pool tables, are ideal for both entertainment and socialization. When establishing a putting green, locate it near your home to get the most out of it individually and socially. However, because erroneous chip shots may occur, keep it safe from windows.

In terms of materials, Artificial Synthetic Turf is ideal because it has a constantly uniform surface and does not require constant watering or upkeep. Artificial turf drains nicely and is easy to clean after a “pet mess.” Given that an artificial turf putting green costs only a few dollars more per square foot than one constructed of regular turf, it’s a wise choice.

Create a hard backyard putting green. A flat circular putting green with a single hole can quickly become dull, so keep things interesting by adding some undulations, a sand pit, and a few holes. Include some landscape lighting for after-work entertainment and stress relaxation.

Synthetic Turf
Synthetic Turf

Volleyball court: 

Volleyball is a pleasant activity for families, friends, neighbors, and anyone who wants to participate. A conventional volleyball court is 50 feet by 80 feet. However, it may be made smaller to fit practically any yard. In addition to the poles and net, remember to incorporate backlines and sidelines. You can do this using rope, garden edging, or weather-resistant wood.

To avoid puddling, excavate the court area to two to three feet and add a drainage ditch or French-style drains. Then, add a one-foot layer of smooth gravel and a layer of landscaping cloth or burlap. Finally, scrape a foot or so of beach sand to make a smooth, level playing surface.

Because a tight net is essential for volleyball, ensure you have robust poles to support it. Whether you choose galvanized metal poles or treated lumber poles, they should be secured into the ground with concrete footings to keep them straight and secure. After all, no one likes a sagging net!



Horseshoes is a fun game that everyone loves. It’s also one of the simplest athletic backyard lawn ideas to execute. It can be played on sand, gravel, decomposed granite, or grass. This is an excellent choice because of the many terrains in central California’s backyards.

When building a horseshoe “pit,” lay two stakes about 40 feet apart. Then, push the stakes into the ground and draw a few lines to pitch behind. That’s about all there is to it. However, you can also place thick boards of pressure-treated timber or rail ties behind each stake. This will assist in keeping sand in its place and the horseshoes from spreading everywhere.



If you have a covered patio large enough to accommodate your equipment, you are in luck. Not only will you have enough floor space for your equipment, but you will also be protected from the elements. You can work out in the fresh air almost anytime you want.

If not, you can set up a gazebo or another shade structure. If you’re serious, you can pour a concrete patio slab or lay pavers to create a flat, stable surface for you and your workout equipment. This will also provide a space to install slip-resistant mats and practice aerobics, yoga, pilates, or tai chi.

If you’re concerned about privacy, consider installing a fence or a privacy screen.


This is it! I hope you like these sporty landscaping ideas. For more landscaping ideas, stay tuned!

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