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5 Surprising and Uncommon Causes of Fire and Water Damage

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5 Surprising and Uncommon Causes of Fire and Water Damage

Natural calamities frequently cause water damage Myrtle Beach. Although you cannot control nature's powers, there are a few precautions you may take to assist you to minimise potential property damage. It is of utmost importance to prepare for potential risks that may not be visible to you; otherwise, they can cause the most significant damage to your property and your family members.
Fire damage may be catastrophic to your family and your house. Ignoring these little details might have far-reaching repercussions, such as water damage. We'll go through several unusual fire and water damage sources to raise awareness about possible fire starts.

Uncommon Causes due to Fire

1) Improper Wiring of the Dishwater

 While dishwashers are helpful in the kitchen, this electrical equipment provides a little fire danger. Water will leak on the machine's interior wiring and eventually cause a fire if it becomes malfunctioning. To minimise unintended fires, make sure that all electrical equipment in your house is maintained regularly.

2) Batteries 

Although 9-volt batteries aren't powerful, they can be dangerous if not correctly disposed of. If the battery's posts come into contact with a piece of metal, and that piece of metal subsequently comes into contact with a flammable substance, such as a piece of paper or a magazine, a fire might start.
Before disposing of outdated batteries, place a piece of tape on the posts to keep you safe, even if they come into touch with a piece of metal. Keep an eye out for a local recycling centre or organisation that will adequately dispose of batteries.

3) Refraction from the Glass

It all comes down to solar ignition. When light is magnified, the concentration of hot light on an explosive item creates a fire. Even though it may look strange, the same light that passes through an empty glass jar or crystal item may start a fire. The light refracted by these materials towards combustible objects such as curtains or paper is sufficient to start a fire. To avoid this, make sure your glass goods are correctly stored.

4) Dust Particles

Dust bunnies located in difficult-to-reach spots such as beneath the bed and furniture might create a fire if they are close to electronics, heating equipment, and wall outlets.
If sparks of electricity come into touch with dust balls, they can ignite. Because of the touch, the fire spreads to neighbouring furniture or flammable goods. Vacuum beneath your furniture and mattresses regularly to reduce the possibility of this uncommon fire hazard.

5) Computers

When used for an extended period, laptops frequently produce heat. Furthermore, many desktop computers and gaming consoles are prone to overheating. Because of the tremendous heat they produce, these devices can ignite a fire if put near combustible objects or on soft surfaces such as mattresses or sofas. It would help if you placed the laptop over laptop stands or cooling pads so that the laptop does not get excessively heated and does not catch fires.

Uncommon Causes due to Water

1) Clogged Gutters

Many individuals ignore the significance of keeping their gutters in good shape. As a result, avoiding obstructions frequently seemed unattainable. In the worst-case scenario, malfunctioning gutters cause catastrophic water damage by pooling water on the interior and outside of your building. To minimise this possible threat, use gutter maintenance services regularly.

2) Soot Particles

Water is commonly used to extinguish fires. However, this can cause significant property damage. Water damage caused by the mix of soot and water may be disastrous to your house and furniture, and mold growth may wreak havoc on the environment. But water can cause massive damage to the property.

Last few words!!

This disaster may have a financial and emotional impact on you since it is upsetting to witness your home burn to ashes and sometimes leaves a scar for life that cannot be healed. The thing that matters is your family safety. In such a circumstance, don't panic and act quickly. You should be quick in calling the fire department in case of a fire and hire a good restoration company.





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