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5 Things to Know About Distribution and Fulfillment in Logistics

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5 Things to Know About Distribution and Fulfillment in Logistics

There are over 322,400 small businesses in Connecticut. When it comes to logistics, distribution and fulfillment are the crucial components of getting products where they need to go. Businesses rely on these two elements, which can make or break their brand. Here are five things you should know about distribution and fulfillment CT to ensure your brand's success.

1. Plan the Distribution

It is essential for production companies of all sizes to carefully plan out how to distribute their goods across the country (or world).
How will your company ship?
What carriers will be involved?
Is an air shipment more time-efficient than a boat cargo?
You should consider all these questions beforehand. One wrong choice could end up costing your company thousands of dollars in extra transportation costs or lost inventory. This is why planning beforehand is essential.

2. Consider Fulfillment

Fulfillment is the part of distribution and logistics that gets the product to customers after being shipped to them by a carrier. This can include shipping goods directly to individual consumers or shipping goods to wholesale partners who distribute the items to their customers.

This step is crucial for companies looking to develop brand awareness with customers throughout the country. What form of fulfillment will be used? You must choose an option that works best with your company's size and budget.

Will you use dropshipping? Parcels on pallets? Do you want your control over when products are delivered to customers that may be even same-day delivery through a platform like Amazon? Ask yourself these questions when choosing a fulfillment option.

3. Choose Carrier Type

Distribution and fulfillment in CT can be expensive depending on the type of carrier used for transportation and how the order is fulfilled. Companies should consider their company’s size, budget, and long-term goals before using an air or sea shipment for distribution (air freight vs. ocean freight).

Fulfillment options like drop shipping or parcel on a pallet may cost more than you think. Still, it could save your business money in the long run by making warehousing easier and inventory costs cheaper because you don't have to store large quantities of products.

4. Consider Brand Appeal

The way your brand looks "on paper" depends entirely on distribution and fulfillment companies. How products are delivered to customers is one of the essential details that will impact your client's experience with your brand.

It can also make or break a company if not done correctly. Businesses must look into logistics companies ahead of time and find a trusted partner to distribute products safely and efficiently. 

A business may be giving up control over this step by using drop shipping or parcel on pallet options, but these methods have been proven reliable by some of the biggest brands in the world.

5. Saves Time and Money

Distribution and fulfillment companies have become an integral part of many businesses because they take care of logistics, which frees up their time and money for more important matters.
Logistics is a complicated subject that will require your full attention if not handled by another party. 

Final Thoughts

Smaller brands may benefit from drop shipping or parcel on pallet options, while larger businesses with the budget to use other methods should consider looking into distribution and fulfillment companies, even in the US, where transportation infrastructure is well developed.





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