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9 Tips For Indoor Cannabis Growers

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cannabis bud marijuana

cannabis bud marijuana

Compared to outdoor cannabis growers, indoor cannabis growers face several unique challenges and problems. One of these is to have a perfect place to grow cannabis plants indoors. The most ideal grow room should have enough space for your preferred number of cannabis plants. Aside from that, you should ensure your grow room has suitable growing conditions for better cannabis growth.

To avoid any possible problems, here are some of the helpful tips and best practices you could consider as an indoor cannabis grower, regardless of your experience.

1. Avoid Overwatering

One of the tips that indoor cannabis growers should never forget is to avoid overwatering them. This is because one factor that could hinder or support the growth of your cannabis plants is the way you water them.

If you put in too much water, your cannabis plants may rot, and if you don't water your plants properly, it might result in dehydration. Therefore, watering your cannabis plants properly could ensure their development. For best results, use reverse osmosis water for cannabis growth.


2. Get The Best Grow Tent

When you’re creating a grow room in a basement, closet, or backroom, always invest in a good quality grow tent that’s made especially for cannabis. Such grow tents come in different sizes and are known for preventing light seepage and damage to the surrounding rooms. Aside from grow tents, you could also benefit from investing in the best grow tent fans to maintain an optimum environment when growing your own supply of cannabis at home.


3. Pick The Right Location

Depending on where you reside, it’s essential to pick the right location when growing cannabis indoors. For example, if you’re living in a residential property with no yard, you can always use your basement as your grow room. If you’re living in an apartment, you can use your closet or a spare room, in case you have one, for growing cannabis.

However, no matter what your home capacity is, always keep some environmental factors in mind when selecting the best location for your cannabis plants. Consider the humidity, light, and temperature of the room.


4. Select The Right Growing Medium

One of the best practices that cannabis growers mustn’t forget is to select the right growing medium. Remember, cannabis plants perform best when they’re planted in something that doesn’t retain a lot of moisture after watering.

For instance, if you’re using sandy soil, which stays dry, it’d give you a good yield, unlike clay soil, which retains most moisture after watering. Therefore, choosing the right growing medium could either break or make your cannabis plants.

With that in mind, choose a growing medium that’s suitable for growing cannabis and contains some nutrients that’d help your plants thrive. Using this kind of medium won’t give you any worries about too much water or too much fertilizer.


5. Settle With Quality Strains

As an indoor cannabis grower, another thing to remember is to choose your strains wisely. At present, there’s a variety of clones and seeds you can choose from on the market, which might make the selection process confusing. However, never consider using clones and opt for high-quality strains available on the market by buying wholesale marijuana seeds online. However, never consider using clones and opt for high-quality strains available on the market. You must also take note of your growing equipment and grow space when choosing the types of strains you prefer. To choose properly, consult an expert at a seed bank.


6. Use The Right Grow Light

When growing cannabis indoors, you may need to invest in quality grow lights. This is especially true if you want to produce healthy cannabis plants.

Find brands that are designed for cannabis growing. If your budget is tight, don’t waste your money on low-quality lighting components. Instead, save up to buy branded ones with better coverage, spectrum, and performance.

Some of the types of grow lights you can consider are as follows:

  • Light-emitting diode (LED) grow lights: Most cannabis growers prefer these grow lights because they’re highly efficient for indoor growing. LED grow lights also use less energy and create little heat. They tend to be costly, however.
  • High-intensity discharge (HID) grow lights: If you’re a do-it-yourself indoor cannabis grower, HID lights are the commonly used grow lights. They provide value in terms of ease of operation, efficiency, and cost. But these grow lights require many accessories to run properly.
  • Fluorescent grow lights: Generally, these grow lights are much easier and more affordable to use than other options and are best for small grow rooms. However, they’re less powerful.
cannabis growing

cannabis growing

7. Have A Detailed Grow Room Journal

Whether you’re using a pen and paper or an online grow room management platform, it’s always essential to have a detailed grow room journal daily. Your notes can help you determine which to improve or change in your next harvest. Also, with detailed notes, you could enhance your growing conditions, providing you better profiles and bigger yields.


8. Practice Harvesting At The Right Time

Harvesting at the right time is another critical factor you should never take for granted when cultivating your own cannabis indoors. When harvesting too late or too early, don’t expect to get better yields.

To know the right time to harvest your cannabis plants, check the maturity of your buds by their white hairs. If they’re already brownish or rusty red, it means they’re ready to be harvested. You can also start growing marijuana on a calendar.


9. Pay Importance To Good Ventilation And Air Flow

Good airflow and ventilation are essential to have in your grow room. You may use fans to help plant stalks grow stronger from regular movement and minimize your room’s humidity level for good airflow. Also, since most types of grow lights emit heat and could make your grow room hot during summer, fans could help keep your room cooler.

Other than good airflow, fresh air is necessary when growing cannabis indoors. So make sure to keep your grow room well ventilated. If possible, install ducts or vents. Ducts with forced-air technology and fans are best suited for big grow rooms to keep the temperature and humidity levels in check.



Not all indoor cannabis growers find it easy to get better yields, especially for first-timers. Although it’s okay to make mistakes if you’re a beginner, do your best to learn from your mistakes. Also, if you want to get the best possible results and maximize your yields, don’t forget to take note of the above tips when growing cannabis indoors.







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