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A Look At The Benefits Of Buying Storage Units

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Storage Cleaning

Storage Cleaning

People use storage units for all sorts of reasons: they’re downsizing and don’t have enough time to sort through their belongings before they move; they’re trying to sell their home and need to clear a few items so they can stage it better; the person’s job takes them around too much for them to have a permanent (enough) address; a moving date has been pushed back and they’ve found themselves in the lurch; all potential reasons. Below is a look into some of the alternatives to renting or buying a storage unit, plus some of the reasons you might prefer to buy one than rent one

Other options when it comes to storage

Not willing to buy or rent a storage unit? Here are a few other options you could try:


Communal storage

Some blocks or communities may have their own storage spaces they don’t mind sharing, rather than force residents to spend money on storage facilities. Since the space is already in the community, you won’t have to travel far with your belongings, either.


Reuse a shipping container

Reusing a shipping container is a helpful option. You can even customize it and you’re also not likely to need many special permits to keep the container on your property.


Build a shed

A good idea if you own your home. A shed is a place you can keep items you don’t use often and quickly access them. You can organize the items easily as well.


Donate things, sell them or give them away

If you have items that you no longer use but are in good condition, you may choose to give them away, donate them or sell them. Something that may seem like junk to you might be just the thing someone else is looking for!


Why buying is better than renting

Buying your own unit may feel expensive, but there are several benefits that can make this a better option for you than renting:


You can use the unit for as long as you want

If you’re just only needing the unit for a short while, you may prefer to rent it. But when you buy a unit, you have the peace and mind of knowing it’s yours and that, once you’ve paid for it, you won’t have to keep factoring the cost of the unit into your monthly expenses. You can pay for the unit outright and store stuff in there until your heart’s content.


More convenience

If you rent a storage unit, you’ll have to make a trip to the unit. Not only that, but you’ll also have to do so within the storage site’s opening hours, which could be inconvenient. If you have your own storage unit, you can visit it whenever you want and you won’t have far to travel to it.


No hidden costs or fees

You might look at the rent for a storage unit and think “Yep, I’m happy with that.” But the rent won’t be all you have to pay. Monthly insurance charges, a setup fee and services or extras, such as more secure locks or a better location for your storage are all potential additional (and unexpected) costs you might end up paying. When you buy a unit, you know what you’re paying for it.


Can bring in income

Storage units can be bought and then sold if you’re looking to increase your income. Be sure to buy cheap and sell high, though, for it to be worthwhile. You don’t necessarily have to sell the unit, however. You could also just rent out it to others and earn some easy money.

Storage units are handy, allowing you to store lots of possessions when you don’t have space in your own property. Although they’re not the only storage option available, buying a storage unit can give you peace of mind and easy access when you need to get to your belongings.







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