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About Night Vision Optics

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Night Vision

Night Vision

Hunting in the dark is not an easy task. You may not be able to see the animal in low light conditions. Your view may also be obstructed by silhouettes created by various objects (bushes and trees). But there are ways to improve night visibility. Night vision scopes are one of them.

If you want to know which device is better for a hunter (monocular vs binocular), please contact our staff. They will tell you what to buy and what characteristics to pay attention to.

The history of night vision scopes

Science began in the 19th century to expand the range of human vision. The English astronomer William Herschel first discovered infrared radiation. A year later, the German physicist Johann Ritter began to study ultraviolet waves. The study of these phenomena has brought many scientific discoveries, such as sights.

Most of the technical innovations and inventions were in infrared radiation. Night vision devices have become in demand in the armed forces of the armies of the world. The ability to see in the dark gave an advantage, which was used by scouts, snipers, gunsmiths.

Now in the world market of electro-optical converters for night vision optics, firms from the USA and France are especially popular. They control 81 percent of production.


Benefits of night vision optics

It is a known fact that the eagle has the best eyesight in the living world. He can even see in ultraviolet light. Such a system became the basis for night vision devices.

Snipers armed with such optics can see targets hidden by dense fog or smoke protection equipment. They will also be able to detect targets with thermal protection. Also, the scopes allow you to see enemy vehicles with inoperative engines, even if they are protected by camouflage means. Among ordinary buyers, devices are purchased by hunters. Sights with an infrared system will help you see in the dark and go hunting at any time of the day.

You can use scopes as standalone viewing equipment or mount them on firearms.

The presence of night vision scopes offers some notable advantages over other night vision technologies.


Wide field of view

Night vision scopes generally offer a wider field of view compared to other equipment. This is useful when hunting. The wider field allows you to better track prey movements and terrain. It will also help you control your movements.


More natural image

Night vision scopes enhance ambient light from the stars and the moon. You get a clear picture with visible objects. You will be able to see at a natural and real look. While hunting, this will allow you to view objects and animals without losing terrain.



Another advantage of night vision scopes is their affordable price. There is a wide range of equipment on the market. You can choose the device that perfectly suits your hunting needs and preferences. Their price depends on the manufacturer, characteristics, and model.


Longer battery life

Unlike other night vision technologies, scopes can operate for a long time after being fully charged. This is a noticeable advantage. You will spend many hours outdoors while hunting at night. You don't have to worry about draining your battery.



Scopes are usually of sturdy construction. In addition, the internal technological structure is less fragile than other technologies. Thus, night vision scopes are ideal for long-term operation. They are durable and reliable. Night vision scopes will withstand bad weather without any damage.