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4 Questions To Determine Whether To Replace Or Repair Your Appliance

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Is it better to repair or replace a home Appliances?

AC Repair

AC Repair

When your home appliance starts to break down, you often end up being caught in a dilemma. You find yourself trying to decide whether to replace or repair your appliance. There can be endless problems associated with your home appliances. As long as you use them on a regular basis, soon enough, they will show signs of wear. An appliance that has reached its peak will eventually fail.

​However, homeowners are not sure whether to revive a broken washing machine or just have it replaced. In most cases, the repair cost is less expensive than replacing the entire unit. If you are not sure which route to take, here are some important questions that will help you make the right decision:

1. How much will the appliance repair cost?

7 Best Ways to Find a Refrigerator Repair Company

7 Best Ways to Find a Refrigerator Repair Company

It is difficult to decide whether you should call Like Precise Appliance Repair professionals to repair your appliance or just make a trip to the appliance store and buy a new one. The rule of thumb is if the repair cost is more than 50% of the cost of a new appliance, replacement is a better idea. You should also take the availability of replacement parts into consideration when repairing or replacing your appliances. 

​More often than not, homeowners are left without a choice because the defective parts are no longer produced. You should also factor in the cost of installing a new appliance as this will also play a major role in determining the total cost you need to spend.

​2. How old is your home appliance?

Water heater repair

Water heater repair

​Another factor that will help you determine the practicality of the solution is the age of your appliances. Depending on the home appliance that is in question, the decision to repair or replace it will also depend on how you are using it. If you decide to go the repair route, you should also make sure that you hire a professional to do the job. The DIY craze will not give you excellent results. 

​The lack of tools and skills will not only cause more damage but also result in spending more than you should. As a homeowner, you need to understand the expected lifespan of your appliances, For dryers, they are expected to last for up to 13 years. The dishwasher, on the other hand, can serve you for 9 years. The refrigerator has a lifespan of 13 years while the freezer has 11. Knowing the expected lifespan will not only help you make the right decision but prevent unnecessary expenses. 

​Given these lifespans, you should also take the usage and maintenance into account because they will also serve as a determining factor of how long a home appliance will last. Your washing machine may last longer if you are not using it frequently. Your air conditioner, especially if it does not receive regular maintenance may fail earlier than expected. 

​This is why you need to call an AC repair technician once your air conditioner starts to fail. Just because your home appliance has an expired warranty does not mean you have to ditch it. The only time you do not have other options but to replace your appliance if it has broken down repeatedly. An inefficient home appliance can hurt your energy and repair bills. 


3. Do you prefer energy-efficient appliance?

​Your home appliances do not have to completely fail for you to consider replacing them. If you want to choose appliances that are energy-efficient, considering replacing your old appliances is a good idea. While it can be quite an investment, you will eventually reap the benefits of energy-efficient appliances when you notice that your bills are going down. 

​You can determine the efficiency of your appliances by checking the bright yellow and black sticker. This energy guide is attached to all appliances. It is useful information because it lets you estimate how much a specific home appliance will cost to operate.


4. Can maintenance extend the life of your home appliances?

​While maintenance is an important factor in your decision to repair or replace your appliances, there are appliances that because of their age, will continue to fail despite scheduling preventative maintenance. In this case, you are left with no other choice but to purchase a new appliance. When parts of your home appliance start to fail, the whole unit will stop working properly. 


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