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Why Should You Choose an Air-Free Air Compressor?

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Why Air-Free Air Compressor Is Better?

Air Free Air Compressor

Air Compressor for Home

Whether you are a seasoned DIY-er or just starting out, an Air Free Air Compressor is an essential tool for completing home shop tasks. Air compressors can be used for numerous applications but the most common is powering pneumatic tools. This gives you complete power over spraying, nailing, hammering and sanding at just a fraction of the time of manual tools.


You can also use an air compressor for many auto repair projects, inflating tyres and even creating home-made snow machines for your next white Christmas!


Once you invest in power tools, you will wonder how you ever got by without them, however, we also need to focus on how much power we are actually using. Carbon emissions are in the spotlight at the moment and if we all begin to make small changes in our lifestyle, we can all help the environment. Reducing our carbon footprint within our DIY routines is a great start to helping save our planet.


Direct Air wants to help the public make the most eco-conscious decisions to help reduce any harmful impacts on the environment. Whether you are looking to purchase your first air compressor or are wanting to upgrade an outdated model, below are a list of reasons why you should strongly consider an oil-free air compressor. You can view a range of oil-free air compressors at https://www.directair.co.uk/products/oil-free-air-compressors.


All air compressors require lubrication to safely and efficiently draw air into the central cylinder and there are two ways to achieve this, using oil-based machines and oil-free.

Oil-based air compressors do come with their own benefits, they are more robust and suited to large-scale applications. They are however more expensive in initial cost, harder to maintain due to added elements and this also leads to them being much heavier.


Oil-free air compressors gain their lubrication through non-stick coatings, usually Teflon. As oil filtering elements are eliminated in these machines, they are significantly lighter and smaller than their oil-based counterparts and this makes them great for applications that are not static. They are also cheaper in initial cost and can also save you money in the long-run.


Running costs are reduced in an oil-free air compressor, so you are not just helping the environment but also your bank balance. Natural resources are becoming more precious as the years go by, so removing the use of oil can make a positive impact.


When disposing of oil, you will have to cover costs to have oil-laden condensate collected and properly disposed of, not to mention the cost of actually purchasing this oil in the first place.

Air Free Air Compressor

Features to Look for When Buying an Air Compressor

Air Free Air Compressor

Oil-free air compressors are also less wasteful as air/oil separators and filtration systems are not required. These elements are prone to wearing down quickly and needing replacement, meaning the broken parts are destined for landfill.


If you are concerned about any emissions directly from your Air Free Air Compressor , oil-free machines produce the purest form of air possible which can reduce the negative impact of their counterparts on our atmosphere. This air is so clean, you will often see medical and food industries use oil-free air compressors. They also remove the worry of potentially contaminated items and projects with oil spillages, meaning you can keep your work environment cleaner.


Safety is the most important thing to consider when taking on any DIY task and oil-free is certainly considered safer than an oil-based air compressor. As there is no oil, you remove the risk of Air Free Air Compressor pipeline fires.


Oil-free air compressors can dramatically reduce your energy bills compared to the oil-based counterpart as they require less energy to run which will cut down your environmental impact. Oil-free air compressors do not need increased forces of power when the unit has a drop in the filtration in the downstream pressure, unlike oil-based. Oil-free units can, on average, unload in 2 seconds of your command which only uses around 18% of its full load horsepower.


We will mention the one downside of an oil-free Air Free Air Compressor. These machines are often known to generate more noise than their counterparts. Not only can this be an annoyance to those within the vicinity but can also be a hazard as long-term exposure could lead to hearing problems.


But, there is a solution, low-noise air compressors are available which can considerably reduce any impact on your ears. 60dB is the lowest safe level for air compressors and anything over 80dB is deemed as dangerous, these low-noise air compressors reduce sound levels to around 40dB.


This is achieved with the addition of an acoustic chamber to contain the noise and is definitely worth the investment. When you use any power tools, even low-noise ones, it is recommended you still use full safety equipment to reduce and negative impacts on your health.


If you were considering purchasing a new Air Free Air Compressor or have simply been doing research on them, you should now have a comprehensive understanding of the benefits an oil-free air compressor possesses.







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