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Are Gas Fireplaces Worth The Money?

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Your house is a haven for you, where you spend quality time alone or with your loved ones. It is the first place that comes to your mind when you think of coziness, comfort, and ultimate relaxation, which is why it is incredibly vital that your home is protected and healthy.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace installed at home, you know how their maintenance costs a lot of your time and money. On the other hand, gas fireplaces provide a great alternative to the former type. The traditional wood-burning fireplaces might look sophisticated and posh, but the truth is that they make the air quality of your house low. The smoke and smell of the burning wood pollute the quality of the air you breathe in your house.

Why Choose Gas Fireplaces?

If you have been wondering about giving your home a makeover and getting a gas fireplace, then be assured that the gas fireplace is better than the traditional wood fireplaces. It gives you more freedom to control the level of heat in your house while also giving you the relaxation of turning the heat off or on instantly.

Although getting a gas fireplace is not an inexpensive home up-gradation, it is worth every penny. With these fireplaces in your home, you can stop worrying about storing or buying dry wood for burning. You can also stop worrying about any power breakdowns during extremely harsh winters.

Current trends in the realtor industry show that new homeowners look for this convenient home heating method. People prefer having a gas fireplace because of the following main points. These points make every penny you invest in having a gas heating system installed worth every penny.



Advantages of Gas Fireplaces

1. They are highly efficient

Gas fireplaces do not contribute to higher bills and burn a hole in your pocket. Gas fireplaces have about 80-87% efficiency rate, implying that most gas is directed toward heating your house instead of being lost through the vents.

This maximum use of natural gas to perform its function rather than being wasted helps keep your utility bills lower than expected.


2. Installation is easy and convenient

Compared to conventional wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces are considered a luxury. It is the sole reason why the professional installation of a gas fireplace might seem expensive. However, you can contact reputable gas fireplaces installing companies, such as Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc., to receive the best prices for gas fireplaces near you.

They have a highly-trained staff to run a thorough check of your property before installation and to brief you all about the safety points and considerations.


3. Widespread and uninterrupted availability of gas supply

There is nothing worse than having a fireplace that does not work properly and, as a result, leaves you to combat the winters on your own. One of the most significant reasons gas fireplaces are worth every penny is that gas supply is already available in most homes. Thus, installing gas fireplaces does not involve establishing new pipes or any such hassle.

Moreover, gas fireplaces are better than the traditional wood-burning ones as you do not have to keep track of buying dry wood or fuel. With gas fireplaces, your mind is relieved of at least one worry as you do not have to stack up on the fuel for the fireplace constantly.


4. Constant heating throughout the house

In the case of wood-burning fireplaces, one has to wait till the wood is completely dry to start heating your house. Compared to these traditional fireplaces, a gas fireplace can light up instantly and start heating your home.

You can turn the heat off or on at an instant instead of waiting for the wood to burn completely and stop heating your place. Moreover, with wood-burning fireplaces, one might encounter a bad or wet batch of wood logs that render your home without any heat supply. It is not the case in gas fireplaces as there is no bad batch of natural gas.


5. Ease of use

The traditional wood-burning fireplaces limit your control over heat and posit a great deal of inconvenience when you want to turn off the heat instantly. It takes a considerable amount of time to stop the woods from burning and providing heat to your place.

Gas fireplaces bring convenience to your home as you can control the heat with a single push of a button or knob. Most new versions of gas fireplaces come with a remote control so that you can enjoy adjusting the level of heating in your house without moving from your couch.


6. Safety considerations

Unlike other fireplaces, gas fireplaces are one of the safest types of fireplaces for your home as there is no smoke emitting from them. It is one of the significant points that make gas fireplaces worth all your money. Although the installation and maintenance cost of these fireplaces is high, the fact that your house is free from harmful chemicals emitted as smoke, including kerosene or petrol, trumps all.


7. Efficient room-heating

It is convenient to have gas fireplaces installed in an already existing traditional fireplace. However, it is not entirely necessary. You can have gas fireplaces installed on any wall in any room of your choice. Moreover, with gas fireplaces, you can lower your utility bills by heating only one room at a time.


8. Minimal maintenance required

 Gas fireplaces use natural gas and burn it for heating your house in the cleanest ways possible. It is why there is usually not much maintenance required by gas fireplaces. However, it is vital to have professionals check the vent systems in your house periodically to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Nevertheless, unlike electric heaters or wood-burning fireplaces, not many things can go wrong with a gas fireplace.

stylish fireplace

stylish fireplace

Are Gas Fireplaces Worth Your Money?

Yes! Gas fireplaces have the lowest running costs than electric heaters or traditional wood-burning fireplaces. They require minimal maintenance and free you from worrying about stocking the wood and burning fuel. Moreover, you can save your homes from smoke and pollution by using gas fireplaces.







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