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Tips On Choosing Artificial Grass For Your Garden

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Tips on choosing artificial grass for your garden

Artificial grass is becoming more and more accessible, and popular material met in people’s yards. This solution, which was formerly only installed at large national sports stadiums, has recently gained in popularity also among ordinary people.

Why? Because of its numerous assets. Its supporters claim that it has more aesthetic values than natural grass, as well as, it’s less demanding in use.

People decide on artificial grass for many reasons. Most frequently, families with children choose such a lawn since they spend lots of time outside, exploiting this play area significantly.

If someone has a pet, they are also more likely to opt for fake grass. Generally, if an owner knows that their garden will be threatened with heavy foot traffic, for example, due to frequent garden parties, their choice falls on artificial grass. People use it even to decorate their balconies.

It looks charming, and you may even not notice that it’s not real. Apart from a typical artificial lawn, there are also other decorations, like artificial grass animals, green walls, gazebos or signage. They are all chosen for the sake of beauty and aesthetics. But before deciding to buy such fake grass, you should keep in mind a few things.


Artificial Grass Installation

Finally, never save money on the installation of artificial grass. It’s crucial in terms of its durability. Therefore, always rely on the help of a professional synthetic grass installer who will tailor the installation to your personal needs.

With their expertise, not only will they make your garden beautiful, but they’ll also advise you on another equipment you may need to take care of your lawn.

artificial grassartificial grass

artificial grass

To conclude, even such a simple activity as choosing artificial grass for your garden may require some consideration. This decision should be well-thought in terms of many aspects, such as material, density and height, color, safety, warranty and the method of installation.

Only by checking everything in advance, you’ll be guaranteed to feel satisfaction, looking at your new lovely garden and enjoying your time there.



The first doubt that people usually feel is the type of grass they should choose. Not everyone knows that there is a wide variety of manufacturers and products of fake grass. One of the most important factors that should be taken into consideration while buying such a product is its material from which it’s made.

There are three different plastic materials, namely polypropylene, polythene and nylon. Polythene is the most commonly used, whereas nylon is the strongest of all of them, though much more expensive.

Therefore, for lawns with low traffic, the first two materials are more recommended. Instead, for areas with heavy foot traffic, nylon will be more suitable.

To check the quality of artificial grass, except for the plastic used to make blades of grass, you should check the backing, which is usually made of primary and secondary layers.

In the first case, plastic fibers of the artificial turf are stitched to the backing. In the second case, instead, they use latex, which is a kind of glue, which sticks everything together.


Density and height

Then, there’s the question of density. Generally, the denser your lawn is, the better it looks. However, the choice of thickness depends on the place where your artificial grass is installed.

For typical use in the garden, the most recommended is something between 16 000 and 18 000 stitches per square meter. When the grass goes to balconies, roof gardens or patios, it should be denser, even up to 48 000 stitches per square meter.

Regarding the height of grass, it depends just on your taste and preferences. Natural lawns usually reach the height of 30-38 mm.

But most manufacturers advise choosing shorter fibers, which perform better in the long run, especially when made from polypropylene and polythene. When they are nylon, it doesn’t really matter.



Choosing the color of your artificial grass seems to be the most pleasant activity, which is again very subjective. There are many different shades of green.

However, this decision should be made, ideally after comparing some free samples, given to you by a manufacturer. Never trust Internet pictures since in reality, the color may significantly differ, and you’ll be only disappointed.

For areas with limited access to sunlight, lighter shades of grass are recommended as they’ll brighten your space.



Have you ever thought about threats resulting from possessing artificial grass? No? Then, you definitely should! The vital question that should be checked is its fire resistance.

Nobody assumes the fire in their garden, but if the worst comes to the worst, you should be ready for any eventuality.

Thus, before buying fake grass just make sure and ask the manufacturer whether it meets European regulations and is fire-resistant so that it won’t spread fire in your yard.



When purchasing the artificial grass, also look at its warranty. A product of good-quality should protect your grass against UV stability, in other words, fading and fiber loss.

Improper use or maintenance is never included in the guarantee, but other external factors, non-dependent on you should be protected.


Artificial Grass Cost

Artificial grass cost ranges between $50 to $160 as of today 1/24/2020 depending on brands, manufacturer and how much square foot you need. Below are top 7 best selling artificial grass from Amazon, handpicked by us.

Best selling artificial grass

Last update on 2024-04-18 at 21:18 PST - Details


Artificial grass for dogs

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  • Save money & Friendly: no mowing, no watering, making it an excellent surface for pets and kids to play on.
GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass Turf Tile Interlocking Self-draining...
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