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What To Look For A Good Asbestos Inspection Company

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Good Asbestos Inspection Company

Good Asbestos Inspection Company

Exposure to asbestos fibers can pose life-threatening diseases. Thus, proper handling of materials made from asbestos is a must. To emphasize this, the government placed several regulations to avoid poor handling of asbestos containing material which leads to their disturbance and triggering the release of airborne asbestos fibers. Moreover, it is important to note that there are several asbestos inspection companies that can help in preventing asbestos disturbance and thus, prevent the risk that you and your family might be exposed to. As a start, you can visit asbestos-sampling.com and use an asbestos sampling kit to check your property for traces of asbestos.

In case you decide on getting an asbestos inspection company to help you, there are certain things that you should consider and look for a good asbestos inspection company, such as having qualified and competent staff with the right training and experience, safety protocols followed by the company, and the way they deal with their clients. One company that has all these qualifications is Greenlight Services. If you hire an asbestos inspection company like Greenlight Services, you will be certain that the job will be properly done but more importantly, your and your family’s safety will be guaranteed.

It is important to note that selecting an asbestos inspection company that will do the job for you is a difficult task because it requires serious consideration. This decision can affect not only the construction aspect of the task, but also the life and health of your family. Asbestos disturbance which leads to exposure to asbestos fibers should be avoided at all cost. Remember that asbestos exposure can lead to fatal lung conditions which are almost always life-threatening

To help you in selecting the best asbestos inspection company available in the market, this article listed some of the things that you should consider and in choosing which company to hire. Some of these also include the things that should raise a red flag requiring you to be more cautious about the potential company that you are considering to do the job for you.

Having Former or Retired Builders Is Not A Good Sign 

For the purpose of dealing with asbestos, it might not be ideal for an asbestos inspection company to have several employees who are retired or former builders. Although it can be an advantage for other aspects of construction, it does not seem to be the case for asbestos handling because as previously emphasized earlier, dealing with asbestos requires a lot of care and there are several safety protocols that need to be strictly followed. Retired or former builders have the tendency to be less sensitive in strictly following safety protocols and procedures because of the long period of time they spent in the construction industry. Older builders might seem to neglect the safety precautions in place which is really bad when we are talking about dealing with asbestos.

The safety protocols and procedures should be strictly followed all the time in handling asbestos. Thus, it’s ideal if the company’s employees are very keen on following these safety precautions to avoid any harmful consequences, and the company should make sure that their employees have the mindset of prioritizing safety over anything else.

Another thing that can be said here is that it is possible that these former or retired builders never had formal safety training to deal with asbestos properly. This would absolutely affect the quality of report that the company makes and this can even make their reporting ordinary.

Accreditation and Specialization Are Key

The quality of work of an asbestos company can be gauged by the feedback of their former and present clients. You can check these feedbacks online. Sometimes, these can also be found in the company’s website. Some asbestos inspection companies also get accreditation and if a company has one, this is actually a good indicator that the company’s services are quality.

Specialization is also important to consider in hiring an asbestos inspection company. You should check if the asbestos inspection company offers other inspection services like dilapidation reports or termite inspections, or even those companies offering asbestos removal services. You want to hire a company that specializes only on asbestos inspection reports to make sure that their efforts and resources are geared toward perfecting that service. Alternatively, you want to avoid companies offering various services aside from asbestos inspection, because of the possible conflict of interest that may arise in the process as will be discussed in the next section.

Choose a Legitimate Asbestos Inspector

In hiring an asbestos inspection company, it’s obvious that you want an honest and accurate service for what you need. Therefore, you should avoid companies which offer both asbestos inspection and asbestos removal services. If you hire a company which offers both services, it is possible that their report would be biased toward their removal business. They would be inclined on giving a report recommending asbestos removal, even if totally unnecessary. Thus, your report would be completely biased and inaccurate. You don’t want that.

So how can you make sure that the company is a legitimate asbestos inspector? One way to figure out whether the company also has an asbestos removal license is to check WorkSafe’s website. You can also ask around your family, neighborhood and in your community to check if they have any feedback about the company’s services. You can also ask for a sample report from the potential company. Check the length of their past reports; if it’s the typical 30-pages report, then you’re good, if it’s less than this number, then you should steer clear of this company.

These are just some of the things you should consider in selecting a good asbestos inspection company. Hiring an asbestos inspection company requires some serious thought and you should always bear these considerations in mind when deciding which company to hire.





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