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Asphalt Contractor’s Tasks and Salaries

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If you’re looking for some asphalt contractors near me to help you pave your property, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about the tasks that asphalt paving machine operators can perform, along with the training and salary requirements. In this article, we’ll discuss the various functions an asphalt paving machine operator performs daily. You can also check out our guide to hiring a new asphalt paving machine operator.





As a part of an asphalt paving contractor’s workforce, you’ll be responsible for operating and maintaining a wide range of heavy equipment. In addition to your duties as a paving machine operator, you’ll be responsible for keeping workers safe by ensuring that they are wearing protective equipment and following safety procedures. As an asphalt paving machine operator, you’ll have to be able to lift 50 pounds regularly, so be sure to wear a sturdy, protective suit. You’ll also need to comply with all company requirements regarding drug and alcohol testing and safety.


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The position requires a high school diploma and good communication and teamwork skills. As an asphalt paving machine operator, you’ll work on many different construction projects, sometimes under challenging conditions, and you must be comfortable working outdoors. You’ll be required to sit, stand, bend, stoop, and even squat occasionally. Asphalt paving machine operators must be strong and physically fit, as their job duties require lifting and carrying 50 pounds.

The duties of an asphalt paving machine operator vary, but essentially, they include operating and maintaining all equipment used to pave highways. For example, as a Paver Operator, you’ll use a heavy construction machine to spread asphalt on a roadbed, level it, and perform other routine maintenance tasks. Operators also have to set the temperature of the asphalt mixture and adjust the equipment according to it.


Training Requirements

Before beginning a career as an Asphalt contractor, you must be trained in the proper ways. The National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA) has specific training requirements for the industry. These include meeting certain academic standards, completing a Career Preparation Period, and meeting physical and health standards. The NAPA 2021 program is expected to be released in late Fall 2020. 


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This course is a comprehensive review of the processes and practices used in Kentucky. It provides a broad overview of the information used in the planning, production, and placement of asphalt. Students will also learn how to perform testing. The course will be flexible, and the instructor team will comprise industry professionals, equipment manufacturers, and SCDOT representatives. The NCAT-certified course is accredited by the Asphalt Pavement Institute (API).

In addition to a high school diploma, asphalt workers should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. In some states, a High School Equivalency Diploma or a certificate of general education development can be accepted. But for other jobs, you may need years of study after high school. Some Wisconsin colleges offer civil engineering degrees. In addition to earning a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, you can pursue additional education by taking a post-secondary education course.



Salaries for asphalt contractors vary considerably from company to company. Construction companies in various areas employ these professionals. They may work long hours, often outdoors, in poor weather conditions, and may be required to bend, stoop, and crouch to complete the job. In addition, they may be required to meet minimum academic requirements and complete a Career Preparation Period before being hired. However, there are some critical differences between the two types of jobs.


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A typical Asphalt Contractor earns $461,091 a year. However, salaries can vary significantly based on skill level, location, and years of experience. The table below includes the average salary range for Asphalt Contractors. However, salaries may vary widely in different cities and states.