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Renovating A Bathroom? Six Trends To Consider In 2020

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Bathroom Renovation Trends

Bathroom Renovation Trends

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Bathroom Renovation Trends are no longer just places to shower and clean your teeth. With today’s hectic pace of life, they are becoming more akin to luxurious urban sanctuaries; places of refuge where you can enjoy a little pampering and forget about the outside world for a while.

So if you’re planning to renovate your old bathroom and think you’d like more than just a space to ablute, why not take a look at some of this year’s new bathroom trends and consider adopting a few in your design. Here are six trends for 2020 that look like really taking off.

Exciting new colors By Bathroom Renovation Trends

While gray has been the Bathroom Renovation Trends color for some time now, black is also becoming more popular, particularly in the form of matte black light fixtures, vanities and mirrors.

Shades of brass and gold are popular for plumbing fixtures, adding a classic luxury feel, while also hiding fingerprints and water spots.

Pops of blues and greens are also appearing, paired with neutral or darker shades, while blush continues to be one of the most popular colors for bathroom walls.


Smart bathrooms

The bathroom renovations company, Houseace, states that another emerging trend is smart technology, which is already transforming our homes and is now making its presence felt in the bathroom as well.

Consider future-proofing your new bathroom with gadgets such as smart showers that save on water while bringing you your favorite music via Bluetooth.

Voice-activated lighting and temperature controls and mirrors that talk to you or transform into TVs or tablets are other fun trends you could add to your bathroom, along with self-cleaning toilets and heated toilet seats.


Shaped tiles

Forget about rectangular subway tiles. Today’s bathroom trends offer a variety of new tile shapes including hexagonal, arabesque, diamond, scallops, chevron patterns and fish scales.

And they’re not just for floors anymore. They can look equally stunning on shower walls and even ceilings for maximum impact.

Terrazzo also remains popular with designers in 2020, with its beautiful mix of natural stones, marble, and cement. It can be used to decorate a number of bathroom surfaces including walls, floors, vanities, and backsplashes.


Standalone tubs

If you plan to create more space in your new bathroom, consider a large standalone bathtub. These have now overtaken Jacuzzi-style tubs as a must-have bathroom feature and the bigger they are, the bigger the statement they make.

There’s a growing range of Bathroom Renovation Trends styles and designs to choose from and the perfect complement for your tub is a standalone washbasin in the same color and design.

Depending on the space you have available, your tub can be installed next to a wall, in the corner or ideally in the center of the room for maximum impact. You can install bathtubs for people with limited mobility and disorders that also include extra features such as aromatherapy or hydrotherapy or Bluetooth speakers. Don't forget to visit WalkInTubReport for more information.


Open showers

Open showers are also an emerging bathroom trend in 2020. They not only help to visually increase the size of your bathroom, but they’re easier to negotiate and give you more room to move. They’re also much easier to clean, with no soap grime to remove from a traditional shower door.

While some may find the design less than private, others appreciate the openness and accessibility they offer and there’s no denying that open showers really work in bathrooms going for that minimalist look.


Feature lighting

Lighted mirrors are nothing new, but contemporary back-lit mirrors are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms and powder rooms.

Feature lighting has also moved from a home’s general living areas to add new mood and ambiance to the inner sanctum.

Pendant lights or wall-mounted task lighting can transform your spaces and add a whole new level of style to your remodeled bathroom.

Underfloor heating and floating vanities are just some of the many other trends predicted for bathrooms in 2020 and beyond. But hopefully, the six described here have given you some food for thought and awakened a taste for some of life’s little luxuries,

But no matter how stylish you plan to make your bathroom, don’t forget to make it functional as well. That means remembering to include the basic bathroom essentials when you renovate such as towel rails, wall hooks, and an exhaust fan.







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