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Bathroom Renovations In Calgary: From Basic To Luxurious

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Everyone wants to have a bathroom where they feel calm and peaceful, where they can come and relax at the end of a busy day. Dreams can become reality if you decide to renovate and remodel the bathroom. Thanks to new technology, it is possible to turn the bathroom into a relaxing corner in combination with a personal spa area. The bathroom is the place where we start and end our day, so the quality of the space in which we are is of crucial importance. 

The goal is for the bathroom to be a haven where you can come to rest your body, soul, and mind to recharge your batteries for the next day. Everyone should have a space that will inspire and relax them and that they will keep coming back to. 

We will select for you some more luxurious variants as well as standard ones so that you can improve your bathroom with small tweaks in design and layout. When it comes to basic and more luxurious bathroom options and solutions, bathroom renovations Calgary has the best solution for you.

At the very beginning, you will have to go through some segments before you decide to renovate the bathroom itself.

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1. Establish a budget

You must establish a clear budget that you are not willing to go over. You have to think and decide what are the key elements that your bathroom must contain. Such as tiles and stone as flooring, top-quality materials, faucets, bidets, sinks, custom-made cabinets, toilet bowls, and other aesthetically appealing elements that will enrich your bathroom. Use the highest quality materials to make them last longer and more durable.


2. Find the right contractor

It is very important that before the entire process, you consult with professionals such as architects, interior designers, ceramicists, and contractors. Don’t be afraid to ask them any questions that interest you, it’s their job to answer them. With the suggestions and proposals of the architects, they will solve the job functionally and aesthetically according to your wishes with drawings and a 3D model. 

Of course, you will be able to change the design if you want, just avoid adding more complicated things when the renovation has already started because it can cost you more and move the deadline.


Ways to make your bathroom more luxurious

Underfloor heating

One of the more luxurious elements when it comes to decorating a bathroom is certainly the installation of underfloor heating. In addition to providing warmth to your home during the cold months, underfloor heating also enables faster drying of the floors if water spills and overflows occur. In most cases, all those who decide to renovate the bathroom must have underfloor heating.


Natural sunlight

It is of crucial importance that the bathroom is lit by natural light and that it is airy. If you have the option, skylights are preferable, which further enrich the space and allow greater penetration of sunlight and natural light into the room.


The layout of shower and bathtub elements

If you have a larger bathroom space, it is possible to place the bathtub and shower on opposite sides of the room. There are also numerous combinations of shower and bathtub in the same, some opt for a jacuzzi if you have the space to fit it in your bathroom.

There are various designs of showers, such as a free-standing shower and a drop is made in the floor so that the water goes directly into the drain and does not go around the rest of the space. When it comes to this type of shower, many people opt for natural stones that mimic a stone beach and while you shower you have the feeling that you are somewhere on vacation.


Luxury toilet and bidet

This element is a mandatory part of every bathroom, you can place it so that it is hidden from the rest of the space inside the bathroom. Freestanding wall-mounted toilets are very popular, they are very easy to maintain and they increase the aesthetic quality of the space. In addition to this, we suggest that you also install a bidet near the toilet.


Custom cabinets

Every bathroom should have a designated space for storing personal items and cleaning materials. We suggest that you make custom-made cabinets that will be attached to the wall and separated from the floor, which will expand the space even more. Currently in trend are warm earthy and gray tones that especially emphasize the space and expand it.


Floor texture

Tiles and stone are indispensable elements when it comes to decorating a bathroom. In most cases, clients opt for tiles that imitate stone surfaces, however, if you wish, you can also use a real stone to break up the monotony of the space. It is of crucial importance not to skimp on this type of element and to choose the best quality tiles and stone that will last as long as possible.







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