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5 Things Must Consider to Choose Right Bathtub

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Bathtubs Hot Tubs Designs & Types Considerations Before Purchasing

Bathtubs Hot Tubs

Hot tub Types

 When installing a new bathtub, everyone in the family is happy. Members are not happy because they have spent money to purchase a new bathtub but because they are sure, the tub will give them the intended service for a longer time. The same feeling and assurance exist when replacing an old bathtub that has problems.

What are the things you should put in mind when choosing a bathtub? This article delves into the important factors to remember before you find the right bathtub. After going through all the five factors, you will be in a better position to choose the right bathtub from this list of the best bathtubs the world has ever had.

Each of the five factors below not only reveals information you never thought of but also gives you a glimpse of what manufacturers have in mind when producing bathtubs.

 Bathtubs Hot Tubs Types 

1. Bathtub Style

Bathtubs Hot Tubs

Hot tub Types

If you have ever shopped for a bathtub, it is likely the shop attendant or the online store gave you several options. Because of the options, chances are you paused to think about what style of a bathtub was ideal for your house.

By large extension, the style of the bathtub depends on yet other factors; the material of the bathtub and the overall space of the room or house you want the tub installed. Nevertheless, there are a few arrangements and renovation secrets that can help you improve the interior space of your bathroom.

Freestanding oval-shaped bathtubs are common in many homes especially if the amount of space is limited. However, if space is not a problem, you can try many options. Here are some of the bathtubs you can try:


This is so far one of the oldest bathtubs, existing since the 1800s. The tub takes a normal design but a few models have clawfoot. Modern regular bathtubs do not have the claws thus giving them a look sleek. The bathtub requires large spaces because it takes a rectangular shape. It is also longer.


An angled bathtub has a slop on one of its ends. Thanks to the shape, the bathtub aids in relieving you any pain that you may suffer on your neck and back when taking a shower.


Although they are called oval, these bathtubs are round. They resemble most water basins. These bathtubs are a better choice for smaller homes and apartments. They have a nice design.


This tub is installed where three walls connect. However, one side must be finished. When installed, alcove bathtubs take up small space and you can combine many of these bathtubs to form a shower combo.

Corner tub

This tub looks similar to the alcove tub but it is large. Although corner tubs take up the same space as an alcove, they are wider. They also resemble hot tubs and offer more relaxation than alcove or ordinary tubs.


This bathtub allows you to get into the bathroom, sit down, and take a shower without slipping. To assist you to get the needed stability and balance, the tub has grooves, notches, and handholds. These kinds of tubs are found in homes for the elderly who may take a shower without help from a caregiver.

Japanese Style

The tub is also referred to us a soaking tub because it is tall enough to allow you to soak in water. These tubs are common in large homes.


These tubs are installed with hidden rims underneath the ingress or the surrounding deck. Drop-ins, in particular, are mounted from an area that is carved out then sealed to make the rim visible. You can fit these tubs to power jets so that you get more relaxation when bathing.


2. Size

The size of the bathtub is equally important before you spend your money on it. To a large extent, you cannot talk about the size of the bathtub before talking about the size of your house or bathroom. If you are struggling with a small bathroom, you can learn about three interior updates that can help you change your small bathroom into a 5-star spa.

Generally, if you have enough space, you can go for large bathtubs and vice versa. From the above section, it is evident that Japanese, Drop-I, and Alcove are the right bathtubs for smaller spaces, whereas Oval, Angled, Regular, and Freestanding are suitable for large bathrooms.


3. Material

Bathtubs Hot Tubs

Hot tub Installation

Bathtubs are made from different materials that feel different when you touch. However, what feels good when you touch might be heavy or pricey. Therefore, before you decide which bathtub material you settle on, look at those three things - how it feels when you touch, weight and the price.

Some of the common bathtub materials in the market are:


This is a mix of either cast iron or steel with porcelain enamel. The bathtub is quite durable.


Made from plastic sheets that are reinforced. While the material lasts, it does not withstand heavy impacts that make it chip off whenever they occur. Because of the material’s porous nature (absorbing water), it finally warps thus unstable.


As the name suggests, this bathtub is made from custom copper. The tubs are highly durable and reliable. It is fine to say that if copper bathtubs are installed properly, they do not require maintenance. However, these tubs are pricey.


Like copper, wood bathtubs are becoming increasingly valuable. Made from natural hardwoods and sealed with wax to make them waterproof, the tubs can run for many years. The tubs are pricey, require minimal maintenance, but after many years, the wax may melt out especially if the householder loves hot showers.


Other bathtub materials you can expect are stone resin, with the main material being natural stone, cultured marble from crushed limestone, ceramic and acrylic. All these bathtubs come with different tastes.

Speaking of bathtub materials, you also need to put in mind the materials you use to give your bathroom walls an excellent finish.

4. Installation

Bathtubs Hot Tubs

Turn Off Your Hot Tub

This may seem to be the easiest factor but quite important. Installing a bathtub may be easy, quick or hard and take longer depending on several factors such as the type of bathtub material, bathtub style, and wall materials.

It is quite easy to install some of the tubs in this list. Alcove and drop-in tubs are so far the easiest to install. However, it may require more time and expertise to install other tubs mentioned in number one above.

Whatever it will take, hire a professional to install and fix your bathtub.


5. Price

Bathtubs Hot Tubs


Every bathtub style and material dictates the price. Easy-to-install tubs such as drop-ins, and alcove tend to go for a much lower price but other large and hard-to-install tubs such as freestanding can go up to $3,000.

Corner tubs are the priciest, with some retailing as high as $4,000. No matter the price, if you get the right material, you will never need to reinstall your bathtub again.

YouTube Video On How to Install a Bath Tub



Without taking a shower, human beings would be stinking death! This would be a bad thing. With a few ideas, it is possible to make your bathroom beautiful. As you are thinking about the style of the bathtub to install in your house, put your family’s happiness at heart. It is especially important if the house has infants and the elderly. Their happiness will drive you to install a bathtub that not only lasts but also provides convenience to the whole family.







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