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Make Your Day A Memorable One With These Fantastic Deck Designs And Ideas

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Beautiful Deck Designs & Ideas With Pictures | Types Of Decks

Some of you may be in “Take me to the beach” mode, and some others may wish to have a rustic retreat while sitting at home. We know that it becomes quite an overwhelming task to decide between having a patio or a deck for your house. But my dear friend, the whole concept depends on the look and feel you want to have sitting around in the landscape area and enjoy the dimming lights in the evenings.

You might have hunt a bowl full of ideas for decorating the outdoor space of the house and make it chic. But, which one will fit in best with your home would always be a question. You can always contact an expert or visit the tapestry Singapore site and get inspirations for the designs. Here is the blog that will allow you to relax on the decks, and providing you with an ample amount of space for the enjoyment.

​This blog will surprise you with designs and types of wood decks. Keep reading further…

​It is a known fact that all wood items are not created equally, and the type of wood requirement of each one differs. Some designs want a variety of colored woods, others look good with a natural stain and much more. But while creating a wooden deck, the surroundings also play a major role in enhancing the appeal of the deck. Here are the few types using which you can amplify the deck area.


Linear Lines:

Linear Lines

Linear Lines

​Who said mix and match only work with the clothing? You can always do a mix match with wood grains, shapes, and color stains make it a fun table and fantastic deck design.


Deck in an enclosed area:

Deck in an enclosed area

Deck in an enclosed area

​Is your backyard covered with too many plants and trees? Do not worry. Set up a side rail and weatherproof window panes and gaze at the amazing beauty of the backyard. By doing this, you will be able to utilize the outdoor area best and can also create a sitting for two or three.


Leveling up for an Overlook:

Running out of ground space? Try investing time and money in making up a deck above the ground surface, facilitating you a dramatic view of the landscape over the ground.


Natural-looking Deck:

Natural-looking Deck

Natural-looking Deck

​If your house has an open yard covered with trees and greens, you can design a deck which balances with the tree line, choose the color and shape accordingly. This would be the best design to relax amidst nature. So, Go and get your pick at the Tapestry Tampines.


Few other designs apart from the wood decks are:


Opting for Tile:

Tile Deck

Tile Deck

It might sound old fashioned, but, by using tiles, you would completely revamp and get the unexpected look of the deck. This will also give you a colonial feel and is the perfect replacement of wood decks. 

Invest in swimming pool:

You may have been heartbroken with a small backyard space but wait, have you thought of converting it into a poolside lounge? Grab your recliners and place some pop up colored pillows.


An outdoor Firepit?

So, how about placing an outdoor firepit on your deck? Implementing this idea, we are sure you would enjoy the modern-looking yet coastal aesthetic look in your deck.


Deck Jacuzzi:

Deck Jacuzzi

Deck Jacuzzi

The idea may sound astonishing, but yes, a jacuzzi built on the deck will be helpful in plenty of ways. Additionally, it gives the illusion of more space in a cozy deck.


Rainbow deck:



The color game is fun! Isn’t it? To catch the eyes of the guest, try making the deck area colorful. Have some eye-catching staircase colors and bring on some texture to create an awe-struck deck design.



We hope these ideas are helpful to you in creating your own amazing personal deck. So why wait, go and start building your private retreat at the tapestry condo.





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