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Benefits Of Installing A Walk-In Shower In Your Bathroom

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It is no secret that showering is one of the most refreshing things. However, hopping into the shower to take one isn’t as easy as normalcy makes us believe. On the contrary, there are times when our age or health makes it hard, if not impossible, to take a normal shower. When such a time comes, installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom can save a day. Remember to contact reputable professionals such as HomeBuddy for excellent results. That’s how you ensure you enjoy all the benefits of installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom. Check them out!

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A Walk-In Shower Is Easy To Clean

For hygiene, one needs to clean showers and bathtubs excellently. Don’t expect it to be easy, but you can change that by installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom. Unlike bathtubs, you don’t need to bend over to clean a walk-in shower. It also uses tile instead of porcelain, thus making it relatively easy to clean. Did you know that dirt and grime rarely hold onto tiles? Therefore, one of the benefits of installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom is simplifying cleaning.

Besides, there won’t be any door or curtain that needs cleaning. Again, it means less cleaning, which saves you time and effort. In addition to being dirty, shower curtains often get moldy and need replacement. You don’t have to worry about that when dealing with a walk-in shower.

Since all areas that need cleaning are easily accessible, mildew and mold rarely grow. So, consider a walk-in shower if you have a busy schedule and can’t afford to set many hours aside to clean your bathroom.


It Increases Your Home Value

Thanks to the many benefits of installing a walk-in shower in a bathroom, most people will find it an asset when buying a home. Consequently, a home with one will be in high demand, and buyers will be willing to pay more.

You are most likely wondering whether its installation cost makes it worth considering. The cost depends on what you have to begin with and the needed modifications. That’s why it is a range from $1000 to $15,000. 

Nevertheless, some people don’t appreciate a bathroom without a shower. The absence makes it incomplete; hence, such parties may not be willing to pay more for such. In other words, whether the walk-in shower improves your home value depends on the potential buyer.

Most people will prefer a big bathroom. Changing from a typical shower to its walk-in counterpart can do the trick. Under such circumstances, your home value will most likely improve.


It Facilitates a Uniform Design

Sometimes, mixing too many designs will do more harm than good. Consider installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom to avoid such an outcome. It makes the design continuous, harmonious, and easy. After all, one can use the same tile for all the bathroom’s walls. It is also worth noting that a harmoniously looking room usually looks big.


It Improves Accessibility

If you are looking for an easy-access shower, a walk-in one won’t disappoint. That’s why it is highly recommended for anyone with mobility issues, regardless of whether the challenges are due to injuries, diseases, or old age.

Remember that you don’t have to climb stairs or into the bathtub when using a walk-in shower. It also means you reduce the chances of accidents due to tripping. You may be fine today, but the future is unpredictable. Besides, aging is inevitable. So, if you plan to live in your home in the long run, you can’t overlook the benefit of installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom.


It Is Suitable for Small Spaces

The space you need to place a typical shower or bathtub is larger than that for a walk-in shower. Therefore, you should consider this design if you have little space to spare.

The design allows you to install one that is perfect for the available space. It also occupies less space, making it perfect for a small bathroom. A walk-in shower can be as small as a closet, making it a perfect choice.


It Is Compatible With Various Customization Options

A walk-in bathroom doesn’t come attached to a bathtub. Therefore, you get to choose the features and design for your bathroom. You get to choose the walls and doors as well. Do you want plain, curved, or geometrical shapes on your wall? When choosing the bathroom’s enclosure, consider the privacy you seek.

If privacy isn’t an issue, you can consider leaving it open. Alternatively, you can choose an undeniably stylish glass enclosure. For privacy, you can consider solid walls. Combining various enclosures is also an option. If you settle for glass, consider the various options, including blocks, textured, frosted, and clear glass. You can also enhance your design with stylish fixtures, benches, and niches.


It Promotes Safety

Showers can be unsafe due to water spills, and the danger is even bigger for seniors and people struggling with stability and other mobility problems. Fortunately, the design of a walk-in shower reduces these dangers significantly. Besides, while installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom, you can install other safety features without much struggle.

Some of the things you can install include non-slip floors, waterproof tiles, and support handles. These features enhance safety while ensuring a shower is as comfortable as possible. That’s a guarantee even when you have limitations.



If you want to enjoy all the benefits of installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom, do it immediately. Ensure that you find an expert such as HomeBuddy to install it. You don’t even have to brainstorm designs, given the experience of the experts. Remember that installing one right means enjoying showering despite being old or having an injury or other mobility issues. You also don’t have to worry about the available space. You can install it in a way that it fits perfectly. 

Equally important, you can customize yours to fit your needs and preferences perfectly. Take advantage of the various options for a great design and style. It will be easy to clean your bathroom, and the home value will increase. Above all, the most crucial benefit of installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom is how it enhances accessibility. 







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