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Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

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I never used to be a heavy sleeper, but after I had kids, I found that I slept much more deeply than I ever had before. Finding the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers was key, so that I’d stop sleeping through my morning alarm! Mornings where everyone was running late weren’t any fun for anyone.

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What To Consider When Choosing An Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

As I went on a quest to find the best possible alarm clock for my situation, there were a number of features I knew I wanted to consider.

Digital Display

Call me a new-fangled girl, but I don’t like analog displays on clocks. Not on my watches, not on my wall clocks, and definitely not on my alarm clock, when I’m trying to figure out what time it is in the middle of the night. My favorite clocks will always have digital displays.

Loud Alarm

Soft, gentle alarms are great for other people; for me, there’s just no way they can get the job done now. I need an alarm that has some volume behind it, and can wake me up no matter how little sleep I’ve gotten.

Alternative Wake-up Features

Thankfully, alarm clocks have gotten more sophisticated since I was a kid. With soft music that plays half an hour before your actual alarm, lights that help you wake up naturally, and sensors that shake your mattress to help you recognize that it’s time to get up, alarm clocks now come with a wide variety of tools to help you wake up on time and in a good mood.

Sound Options

Traditional alarm clocks have that annoying and invasive bleep-bleep-bleep sound. Sure, it jolts you awake, but it’s also pretty awful to wake up to. Alarm clocks that use alternative sounds can actually be more effective to wake you up, if they’re the right sounds presented in the right way.

AM/FM Function

Whether you like to wake up to the morning weather and news, or want to have some music in your bedroom from time to time, a clock with AM/FM functionality can be a great way to have some pleasant noise in your room from time to time.

Fall Asleep Functions

We often think that we need to be in a silent environment to fall asleep, but for some people, it can be very difficult to relax in a very quiet environment. Listening to calming, quiet music, following a meditation program, or listening to a familiar audiobook can help many people relax into sleep without the frustration of hearing every sound in the house.

Smartphone Dock

The vast majority of Millennials sleep with their smartphones. Whether you’re checking your email one last time, reading, playing a game, or using an app designed to help you meditate and relax, you can end up draining your battery, which can lead to a morning spent trying to get enough charge to get to work. Alarm clocks that also dock your phone can make sure you start off at a full charge.

Battery Backup

Sometimes the power goes out. Having an alarm clock that works on house power but will also continue to work if the power fails means that I’m much more likely to get out of the house on time. The perfect situation would be a rechargeable battery backup, so that I don’t have to worry about how long those AA batteries have been inside my clock.

What Is The Best Alarm Clock?

Below, you’ll find detailed reviews of several products, but click the links above to see the current prices and check out customer reviews on Amazon.

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If you really struggle to get up, to the point that someone has to shake you, this alarm might be a great choice.


  • The alarm itself is loud, and the tone’s pitch can be adjusted to be effective on waking you
  • Attached to a bed shaker that vibrates underneath you, helping you wake more thoroughly and quickly
  • The company does sell an extension cable for the shaker.


  • No snooze button (although this is a pro for some heavy sleepers!)
  • The shaker might feel too uncomfortable for some sleepers, and also makes it difficult to position the alarm away from the bed and force yourself to stand to turn it off.

Need a simple, powerful alarm that can travel with you? This clock does the job, and includes a night light function on the top.


  • If you like to read in bed, or need a nightlight to sleep comfortably, this can be a big help.
  • Two volume options, low and high. Use the high volume option if you tend to sleep through your alarm
  • AC power with a battery backup.


  • Alarm does have a snooze button, but it has an unlimited number of snoozes; the alarm will continue to go off every nine minutes until the alarm itself is turned off.

This clock might be a little bit too childish for grown-up heavy sleepers, but if you want cheerful messages, a nice bright light, and a loud sound, it might be perfect.


  • Fun and cheerful look
  • Bright light in seven different colors helps wake up naturally
  • Battery operated so it can be located in bed, or away from outlets
  • Clock displays date and temperature.


  • Playful design may not be ideal for certain adult décor
  • No AC adaptor options means you need to track battery life.

This clock has an awesome feature for those who might struggle to roll over or get comfortable in bed; it projects the time or temperature onto the wall or ceiling.


  • Dual alarm settings, great for partners, or those who need to wake up twice overnight
  • Can be programmed to turn off over the weekend; set it once and be done
  • Battery backup allows for operation if power is out
  • Projects time onto wall or ceiling
  • Functions as auxiliary speakers for smartphone
  • Includes AM/FM radio.


  • Digital display might be bright for some sleepers
  • Plug does not charge smartphone.

If you find that you wake easily in the summer, and struggle to get up before dawn, this light may make the difference in getting you out of bed on time and in a good mood. Half an hour before your designated alarm time, this clock starts to brighten, reaching full brightness at your alarm time.


  • Mimicking sunrise has been shown to improve mood upon waking as it stimulates the natural hormones that wake you more easily
  • Options of nature sounds to wake you rather than harsh beeping
  • Also functions as atmosphere light, offering seven different color options
  • Includes FM tuner.


  • May not work well for those who wake after sunrise already
  • Sounds may not be loud enough for some heavy sleepers.

Which Clock Did I Choose?

My favorite clock, after I tried out several options at friends’ homes, was the Totobay Wake Up Light. I found that the gradual increase of light meant that I didn’t need the same dramatic, blaring, noisy alarm to get up in the morning. This was great, because my alarm was so loud that it also woke up my kids, which wasn’t helpful at all.

I liked waking up to soft music every morning, and finding that I could still wake up easily even though the alarm was just a normal volume. When my kids start needing alarms, I am likely to get one of these for their room as well.

If I had a truly heavy sleeper who was not responding to the increase in light, I would choose the Sonic Alert. When I borrowed this alarm from a friend to try it out, however, I found even the gentle shaking to be incredibly jarring. I woke every day in a panic! It was effective, but it was not a good start to my day.

I sleep better at night knowing that I’ll wake up on time and ready to go. With my new alarm clock, I’m better rested and a happier parent!





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