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Top Four Best Axes for SplittingWood

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Chilly seasons, camping, and night time holidays have one thing in common. The need of cozy warmth, which can perhaps be better provided by burning firewood. Preparing for such moments requires the use of the best axes for splitting wood. The modification of an axe dictates a lot in its ease and comfort when using it.

Quick Comparisons: Top Five Splitting Axes

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe - Wood Splitter for Medium to...
36-Inch Axe
8 pounds
Material Type
Prime Status
ESTWING Fireside Friend Axe - 14" Wood Splitting Maul with Forged...
7 ounces
Material Type
Prime Status
Fiskars IsoCore 8lb. Wood Splitting Maul - 36" Shock Control...
36-Inch Maul
10.4 pounds
Material Type
Prime Status
Husqvarna 30" Wooden Splitting Axe, Large
3.5 pounds
Material Type
Prime Status

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How to Choose Axes for Splitting Wood

Ideal hand tools have a lot to do with individual preferences, and it is no different when it comes to wood splitting axes. There are, however, few details that should make it easy for anybody that has interest in getting the best choice of axe. They include:-

1. The type of job you are going to undertake

The load size of your wood is a big concern when it comes to picking an axe for splitting wood. Large pieces of wood will go well with the large axes while the smaller pieces of wood can comfortably use the small axe. The downside of the large axe is that you will get tired faster than the small axe.

2. The weight of the head of your axe

A good axe is that which you can lift with less energy and swing with more. The heavier axes have more output than the lighter ones, but still, a weight that you can lift will have you going at it for longer.

3. The span of the axe handle

Longer axes give an enhanced mechanical advantage, which translates more power in every swing. Nevertheless, that does not necessarily point out that they are easier to control than the shorter ones. If you have difficulty in aiming the axe at the target, then it may be advisable to change for a shorter handle.

4. The material of the axe handle

The typical handles in the market are made of fiberglass, wood, and steel. They are all varnished for a great look. It would, however, be a great suggestion to sand down the varnish for a firmer grip.

5. The design of the axe

A solid axe head without any noticeable joints ensures there is no compromise on the strength of the head. The head should be intact with the handle for safety purposes and a good thrust on the wood. The solidness of the axe also prevents the axe head from being liable to breaking.

Most people generally think that an axe is simply an axe without different types, which is untrue. There are three types of axes namely chopping axes, mauls, and splitting axes. The chopping axes have a lighter axe head compared to the splitting axes and the hammer. They cut against the grain and therefore have a sharper edge. On the other hand, the splitting axes and mauls have duller blades that are devised to split the wood along its grain. The larger woods are best handled with the splitting mauls which are a larger version of the large axes. Choosing the appropriate tool designed for wood splitting will make it less tiring.

Using the axe is regarded as a traditional method of splitting wood. This has seen many people opt for the electrical means available, oblivious of the advantages that go with an axe. Splitting axes are cost-free to use once you have purchased them. They also carry a lifetime warranty. Splitting wood might considerably help to reduce your home’s heating bill if you decide to use the wooden stove and fireplace during the cold season. They can also assist in avoiding expenses which come with purchasing pre-cut firewood. A wood splitter that is not meant for commercial purposes proves to be a very expensive option. This gives a wood splitting axe a better chance when it comes to the economical use of firewood.

Four Best Wood Splitting Axes Reviews

The handle is 36” long and with a 6.6 pounds head. It is ideal for splitting large chunks of firewood. The blade has a convex head, specially designed to rip the wood apart. A minor curve at the base makes it easier to aim the Fiskars X27 while the grip of is enhanced by the textured handle.


  • People with long arms have a better mechanical advantage with the Fiskars X27 due to its long handle.
  • The axe’s convex shaped design gives it a sharper edge that makes it easier to drive in the wood as well as removing it from the wood.
  • This wood splitting axe bears a lifetime warranty.
  • It is designed so that you need to swing the axe only once per split.


  • The cutting edge of the axe has to be maintained in a sharp state to work proficiently.
  • Controlling for people with shorter arms might be difficult. This results in being exhausted fast.
  • It is not ideal for splitting small pieces of wood because of its long handle.

Dubbed the ‘Fireside Friend”, this is an excellent choice for a heavy-duty axe. The Estwing F3-FF4 comes with a 14” arm that can be easily carried in a backpack. It has a four-pound head that can work well with both small and big chunks of firewood. The grip is made of nylon to help in absorbing the vibration resulting fromeach strike on the wood. A maul has been added on the opposite side of the cutting edge thus giving it multi-purpose capabilities. It is designed as a solid piece, therefore, making it safer to use.


  • It is portable and an excellent choice for people on a trail or camping.
  • The Estwing E3-FF4’s grip is made with shock-absorbing material thus enhancing the comfort when using it.
  • The axe is designed as a solid piece, thereby, eliminating the danger of a floating head.
  • The maul on the reverse of the edge makes it easier to deal with the tougher stumps n logs without an external option.


  • The cutting edge needs a leather sheath to cover it when carrying it in a backpack.
  • It is uncomfortable to use by persons with longer arms due to its short arm.

This axe is designed with a shock absorbing grip. It has the cutting edge and a hammer on opposite sides. The head carries a whopping 8 pounds that are ideal for heavy-weight wood splitting. The blade has been created with a geometry that is aimed at cutting larger logs with ease.


  • The warranty goes for a lifetime.
  • It comes with a shock reduction grip on the handle.
  • The including of a hammer to the cutting edge makes it good for multi-purpose use.
  • The heavy head makes it easier to use on huge logs and stumps.


  • 8 pounds on an axe head is discouraging to people with smaller arms or bodies, especially when you have to swing the axe repeatedly.
  • A sheath is not provided while it is valuable for transporting of the axesafely.

A traditional axe can be an excellent addition to the list of antique tools you own. The handle is wooden and at 30” long. The head is light, weighing only 3.3 pounds. It is used best on smaller pieces of firewood. The head of the axe consists of a cutting edge only.


  • The axe is light making it easier to use for longer.
  • The wood grain of the handle provides a better and stronger grip.
  • The cutting edge takes a little time (less than 5 minutes) to clean up.
  • This axe comes with a leather sheath.


  • The axe is not ideal for use with huge chunks of wood.
  • The handle has no shock reduction technology.
  • This axe can only be used for splitting wood.


The Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe is my preferred type among the above axes. It is heavy enough to use on large pieces of firewood as well as small chunks. Its long handle gives a mechanical advantage that makes it easier to swing. This splitting axe can also be used to drive in stakes. Your preferences should let you have the best wood splitting axe for the designated work.





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