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Best CPAP Masks For Small Faces vs. Large Faces

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cpap mask

CPAP masks are a great solution to the discomfort and health problems associated with sleep apnea. A full face mask CPAP works by creating a sealed chamber around your nose and face and directing pressurized air into the chamber. This air is then circulated through your airways, and the pressure prevents the collapse that would usually happen due to sleep apnea. In order for this process to be effective, though, a CPAP mask needs to fit properly. Models such as the P10 CPAP mask offer nasal pillows that come in sizes such as small, medium, and large. Read on to learn how to find the right size mask for your needs.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

One of the first considerations when shopping for a CPAP mask is the overall shape of your face. Read on to see how to determine your face shape.


Step One: Measure Your Face

In order to determine the shape of your face, you must first take a few measurements. You can use a flexible measuring tape, and you should start by measuring your forehead width. Next, measure your face across the cheekbones, and finally, you should measure the length from chin to hairline.


Step Two: Assess Facial Features

With these measurements in hand, it’s time to assess your facial features. Look directly into a mirror and determine whether your features are pronounced, sharp, or rounded. You can assess this by looking at features such as your nose and jawline and noting how angular or rounded they appear to be.


Step Three: Determine Face Shape

There are six different face shapes you might have — round, square, diamond, oval, heart, or rectangle. To determine which shape you have, do some research on celebrities with each face shape, and compare your features to theirs. Reference your measurements and notes to see what face shape is the closest match.


Why Mask Fitting Is So Important

The way your CPAP mask fits is important because an ill-fitted mask will be less effective — and less comfortable.


Properly Fitted Seal

One of the most important aspects of a CPAP mask is the sealed chamber that fits over your mouth and nose. This chamber should only allow pressurized air from the machine to enter your airways, but if a mask is ill-fitted, the seal could be compromised. This would potentially cause un-pressurized air to enter your airways and thus make the machine ineffective. You should ensure that the CPAP mask is properly fitted to ensure that it is effective.


Uncomfortable Fit

Another problem that could arise from an ill-fitted CPAP mask is general uncomfortableness. Sleeping with a CPAP mask can take some getting used to, but you’re likely to have difficulty sleeping at all if your mask isn’t the right fit. You should compare and contrast models such as the Resmed Airfit N30i vs Dreamwear to find the mask that fits most comfortably over your face. If your mask is uncomfortable enough that it thwarts your sleep, it isn’t doing much good!







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