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5 Best Home Improvements To Increase Value

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white themed kitchen

white themed kitchen

If you are planning to upgrade your home, you should opt for the best home improvements to increase the value of the house, whether small or big. In other words, the home should sell at a higher price after remodelling than before the upgrades.

It's no doubt that most home improvements will add value to your house. However, some home upgrades may not increase the value of the house but improve your comfort and satisfaction. That's why it's essential to understand the purpose of remodelling your home.

Best Home Improvements to Increase Property Value

Homeowners have different reasons for upgrading their homes, such as to improve their comfort or make the property sell faster. The Ballymore homes Ballantrae are an excellent example of homes with modern improvements that make them sell quickly.

Here are some of the best home improvements to sell your house faster in the market.


1. Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen is one of the most valuable rooms in a home. That's why remodelling it can add value to your home significantly. You can expect an average return of 98.5 percent after resale. All you need to do is make the kitchen look fresh, modern, and a little bit fancier.

Minor kitchen upgrades involve updating the kitchen cabinets and repainting the kitchen walls using eco-friendly paint. You may also replace outdated kitchen appliances with new energy-efficient ones, such as the Energy Star-rated appliances.

If you have enough money, you can also upgrade the kitchen countertops and lighting system. Install a new, trendy, and classic countertops to make the kitchen more attractive.


2. Bathroom Remodeling

white themed bathroom

white themed bathroom

The bathroom is another important room in a house based on valuation. If you have only had one full bath in your home, adding one or two more bathrooms can dramatically increase the value of your home. You can get a return of up to 130 percent upon resale.

To add bathrooms to your house, you can consider the underutilized spaces in your home. You may also use dead spaces like closets or under the stairs. However you should not compromise a bedroom space when adding bathrooms to your house.

The size of the space needed for additional bathrooms depends on the type of bathroom you need, whether a half-bath or full-bath. A half-bath requires an area of around 18 square feet while a full-bath room requires about 30 square feet.

When remodelling existing bathrooms, you can repaint the walls, fix leaking faucets, and replace the bathtub, sink, toilet, and other fixtures. You can also replace the old showers.


3. Upgrading the Windows

Upgrading your windows can increase the value of your home by a significant amount. If your windows are old and outdated, you can replace them with energy-efficient ones. That will help you save energy used on heating and cooling the house.

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According to Energy Star, energy-efficient windows can help you save up to $500 yearly on cooling and heating costs. Installing energy-efficient windows in your home can earn you a recoup of up to 90 percent of the amount of money invested.

If your house is located in a hot region, you can replace the windows with new ones that reflect away heat. According to HGTV (#10), energy-efficient and replacement windows can earn you higher returns in cold climates than in hot climates.


4. Adding More Rooms

You can reinvent your home by adding more rooms to underutilized spaces such as the basement and attic. You can convert the home basement to a game room or second living room and the attic to a bedroom or kids’ playroom.

Converting the Attic to a Bedroom

Adding a bedroom to your attic can increase the value of your home. According to HGTV, the average return of converting your attic to a bedroom is 93.5 percent upon resale.

With around $39,000, you can add a 15 square feet bedroom, a 5×7 feet bath with shower, four windows, a 15 feet dormer, and a closet. However, the costs of reinventing the attic will depend on the size of your attic space.

To save on energy, you need to insulate the attic. If your HVAC system cannot support an additional room, you can opt for a solar-powered fan to cool the attic. It uses heat from the rooftop to power the fan, helping you save on energy costs.

Converting the Basement to a Living Room

Remodelling your basement is another best way to increase the value of your home. You can get returns of up to 90 percent when you convert your basement to a second living room. You can also turn it to a game room, entertainment room, or a house bar.

When upgrading the basement, you can cover the concrete floors with a flooring material that doesn’t absorb moisture and cold. Also, ensure that you fix all the flooding problems to prevent water from finding its way into the basement.


5. Adding a Deck on Your Home

As many homeowners continue to shift their focus towards outdoor living spaces, adding a deck to your home will make it look more appealing. By improving your décor, you can get returns of up to 90 percent from it when you resell the house.

The amount of money you’ll spend will depend on the size of the deck and the type of improvements you want to make on it. You can add a few built-in flower pots, decorative planters, and built-in seats.


Final Words

Home improvement is the most reliable way to increase the value of your home and make it sell faster in the real estate market. All you should do is assess the house and note down the key areas that require an upgrade, as mentioned earlier. Thankfully, we've highlighted some of the best home improvements to increase value.



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