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6 Best Home Interior Design Trends For 2020

Best Home Interior Design Trends

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Most people would love to be able to stop the passage of time at their will so that they could stay young forever. Do you know who certainly wouldn’t do that? Interior designers. Every subsequent year brings new trends, and even if a few years back, the Scandinavian design was on everyone’s lips, now… well, it is still very much beloved, although its popularity is waning. In a second you’ll learn about styles in home interior design that will be insanely trendy in 2020. Let’s go!

Furniture that will last you for ages!

With the effects of global warming becoming more and more pronounced, people are opting to change their habits. Home decorators agree: why replace your furniture every few years, when you could purchase something that will last you for a long time instead? This way, you’ll decrease the amount of waste that is unnecessarily produced. Some people choose to be more eco-friendly because they care for the environment; others because it is trendy. It shouldn’t matter, though, as long as it has a positive effect on our Mother Nature.


Floors that don’t make your home look like a hospital!

Until the recent past, the white floors were all the rage. They made the room look extra-clean. The problem with that is that not many people would like to spend a significant amount of time in a place that sure looks extra clean, but also reminds a bit of a hospital. Most people don’t think of hospitals as especially cosy, which is why in 2020 you’ll find more dark coloured floors. Don’t use the fact that the dirt won’t be so easily visible to stop cleaning altogether, but it will undoubtedly save you some work.


We’re not robots!

You could ask “why did someone think that “grey everything” is a good idea?” and I wouldn’t have a good answer. Well, it looks modern, and it makes others think that you are an upwardly mobile individual with absolutely no emotions. Thankfully, this style will be soon out of our minds completely. It’s not to say that we will stop using grey elements in interior design, but that if we do, we won’t pretend that when surrounded by greyness from all sides, we feel just great.

Instead, you’ll find that earth colours are more frequently used in 2020. Partially it’s due to the attempts to be more eco-friendly, which means that designs that look super-modern are out of the window. Warm colours remind us of nature, but also about the need to be kind to other people, no matter whether we have the same religious and political convictions.


White slipcovers are not cool.

You would think that in the twenty-first century there would be a better way of preventing white sofas from becoming terribly stained in no-time than white slipcovers. We can print organs now, or explore the furthest corners of the universe, but making sure that white sofas stay white? Sorry, that’s a frontier that humanity is not yet ready to cross. Or is it?

It seems that 2020 might be the year when we finally bid farewell to the slipcovers. They didn’t fit well, were ugly, and made us unnecessarily angry. Thankfully, according to the designers, the advance of the technology made it possible to decrease the price of the stain-resistant fabric greatly.


Pink is fine, just don’t overdo it!

Many of us wouldn’t admit it publicly but are secretly happy that pink is popular once again. Don’t decorate your entire room with pink elements, but a bit of muted pink will make your room seem more inviting and friendly. Mind you; we’re not talking about the aggressive pink - it will make your room feel either overtly sexual, or childish. Try to keep the balance, and you’ll create a celebrating home!


More is more!

Sure, Scandinavian design became popular for a reason, but some people are just tired of clean surfaces and the lack of visual stimuli. That’s why, after a period of domination of grey and white, more and more people decide that the more, the merrier. There is no reason why you shouldn’t hang your beautiful Zombie Napoleon portrait next to Van Gogh’s reproduction on a wall full of geometrical shapes mixed with shapes that vaguely remind animals. Don’t worry about your neighbours calling you “crazy”. If you have a creative job and you need a lot of stimuli to keep the ideas flowing, perhaps maximalism is the way to go. If you realize that you need a break from all the colours, just close your eyes for a bit and rest.


Now it’s time to choose!

You are free to decorate your home exactly as you want; treat those trends merely as suggestions and not rules! Sure, the interior design of your home could be the cause of the heart attack of many experts, but why should you care? If your style isn’t as offensive as to scare off the neighbours, then don’t feel constrained by any conventions! Beauty is subjective, which means that not everyone has to agree.



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